Wealthy Affiliate – Why Look Further

I was going to compare Wealthy Affiliate to other online home business programs.   But, there is nothing online like Wealthy Affiliate.  WA is not really an online business.  Its a site with training and tools to help you create you own internet business.  Scroll down to see how.

With Wealthy Affiliate

There is no network to build.

No recruiting with Wealthy Affiliate.

There are just customers.

Wealthy Affiliate helps bring customers to your site.

And Stores Looking for Customers

wealthy affiliate is about the affiliate marketing business.

WA Has a Free Starter Program?

You may think that you couldn’t possibly build a website.  WA gives you the chance to try for free.  20 free lessons teach you how to build a business with your 2 free websites.  You have nothing to loose. Continue reading

Direct Sales Online Made Easier

Direct Sales Online Business Made Easy

Direct Sales is another name for any sales 0nline business  made easy by following simple, step by step lessonsfamily is a great place to start a sales online business made easy.  Ultimately, you are selling a product you have developed or purchased to sell.  Because you make sales directly at the website, this business is called “Direct Sales.”

Drop shipping is a variation of direct sales with the purchase at one site and shipping from another site.  Because of this, this method is called “drop shipping.”

Even with sales online business made easy in every way possible, you have to collect payment, send receipts, ship product and handle customer.  For sure, that’s a lot of work.  However, authors, auto shops, major retailers, pet shops, travel agencies, almost any business you can name,  offer their products and services to the almost 4 billion people who use the internet.   What are the pros and cons of this business? Continue reading

Wealthy Affiliate University – Great Income Potential

Business for Home, a site for home business owners, says that a home business starts in the U.S. every 12 seconds.   Home business income is about 427 billion yearly.  Because 4 billion people use the internet, 80% is from online income.  So, Wealthy Affiliate helps you get your part of that online income.

WA provides:

  1. A Free Trial with 2 websites and 20 business development lessons.
  2. Technical Support
  3. Personal support through Live Chat
  4. Word Press
  5.  Keyword Search
  6.  Affiliate Links and Banners
  7.  Regular on-going topic specific training
  8.  Website Feedback System
  9. Web hosting

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