Scamming or Helping – Wealthy Affiliate

For more than 10 years, Wealthy Affiliate has attracted people, from all over the world, offering  hope of wealth  through an internet, affiliate marketing business.  scamming or helpingWith this little banner, Wealthy affiliate is either scamming or helping people.

I decided to find out which is true.

Wealthy Affiliate Facts

Purpose:        Web Hosting; Affiliate Marketing Education    

                  Members:      600,000 plus          

    Options:         Starter Package – Free;  Premium  – $49/mont  



I Want to Know – Scamming or Helping

After stumbling on a few random reviews of Wealthy Affiliate, I decided to find out for myself if the site was a scam.  A few reviews expressed disappointment with program results while other review were thrilled.

What Does the Name Mean?

My first step was to understand the name “Wealthy Affiliate.”  Wealthy made me think of lots of money….. being rich.  I didn’t understand how “affiliate” fit.

I learned that affiliate referred to affiliate marketing.   It means being officially linked with a store to show their products on your website to earn commissions.   I remembered seeing ads on lots of sites.

As an affiliate marketer, I could earn commissions by inviting people to buy from any store to which I was an affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to develop a personal affiliate marketing business.


Registration was easy.  I only gave my name, email address and a password.    registration-formNo credit card was required.

A short tour of the Wealthy Affiliate site was next.  Although the site looked intimidating,  I wanted to learn more.

Start Here

After looking around the site, I clicked on the “Getting Started” button.  This opened a window with a written and a video course.  I found that there were ten lessons.  All of them were easy to follow. In one, I chose a subject for my website.  In another, I chose a website theme.  I know the courses were legit because I learned something and had a website by the tenth course.


What’s Next?

Lesson 10 explained the t premium membership.  I thought, “Here it comes.” It turned out that the premium membership was $49/ month.  This seemed to be a reasonable price for websites, lessons, tools and support.  I didn’t sign up.

It was fun to see my free website on the internet.  I couldn’t ask questions after a few days or go to the live chat because I wasn’t a premium member.  I decided  to pay the premium membership for one month.

After the month, I was convinced that Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing was for me..  I had questions answered, learned from others members and took more lessons.  To save money, I  paid for a year of the premium membership.

Making a Decision

Not A Scam

I decided after the “Start Here” course, that Wealthy Affiliate is not scamming anyone.  I listed Pros and Cons to help me make a decision staying at about the Wealthy Affiliate.



                   Free Starter Membership                        Premium  $49/month

                   Good Trainings                                        Unfamiliar Terminology

                   Access to Word Press                             Starter Member Restrictions

                   Live Chat for Questions                         No Guarantee to Make Money          

                   Membership Shares Expertise

                   Free Referral Tools

                   Free Keyword Search

                   Personal Support from Ownership

                   Live Webinar Trainings   

                   In House Ranking System  

                   Personal Account Page (check out my page)

                   Instruction on Affiliate Marketing 


Premium Membership

For me, Pros far outweighed Cons. So, I became a Premium Member.  I decided to work at what I learned in the Wealthy Affiliate lessons so I bought a year’s premium membership.  I have developed two websites besides this one.   Because I love fishing.

http:// diagnosis –   For people with this syndrome.

My sites are a lot of work, but a lot fun.  Wealthy Affiliate did not scam me but helped me do something I really enjoy.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone.  Some people want  financial freedom.  Others want a little more income.  Still others want to inform the world about their passion.

Anyone can use Wealthy Affiliate tools, training and support.


College students and retirees, business owners and workers learn through Wealthy Affiliate.

People from all over the world share the Wealthy Affiliate experience.

Make a Decision – Scamming or Helping

My suggestion is to experience the Free Starter Membership. Take the lessons and create a website.  Then, make your decision.  That’s what I did.


Wealthy Affiliate University

Take a few moments to share your thoughts about what you read on this page by writing in the comment section.  Have you joined other online programs? What was your experience?  Do you have an idea for a website?  Would you like to earn though Affiliate Marketing.

Building Income – Affiliate Marketing

Building income is a major goal for most us.  We hope that our income will provide for our families and last for a lifetime. 

Income Defined

Income is “money received, especially on a regular basis, for work or through investments.”  

building income through affiliate marketing

The definition of building income does not adequately explain what income is to you and me.  Income is food, transportation, entertainment, medical care, housing, clothing, education…… and on an on.  The word means money coming in from work done, interest paid or possibly even, from illegal activity.

 Income Out 

The phrase, “Hand to Mouth” describes using all of income, immediately, to live.  “Savings” means that some amount of income can be set aside for the future.  “Investment” is that income can be used to try and make more income.  An “extravagant lifestyle” is the exact opposite of hand to mouth.  Whether or not income is adequate, it is spent lavishly and without thought.

Our income puts most of us are somewhere between the two extremes.   Building income is a dream.  Less spending is the reality.

What is Wealth

Abundance of Money

Wealth is “an abundance of valuable possessions or money.”

Everyone hopes to find that this definition applies to something in their lives.  Some hope for an abundance of happy or the wealth of good health.  Most of us hope for an abundance of money.

How I create an abundance of money for living?

More work adds income, but there are only so many hours in a day.  Higher pay can certainly boost income, but usually that is something that we can’t control. Winning in Las Vegas or with a lottery ticket can instantly change income, but not likely to happen.

To build abundance, we need to increase work hours while increasing our pay.  Is that possible?


Today, the world a market place open to anyone with a passion or an idea.

building income through affiliate marketing

Building Income Online

What is Your Passion, Interest or Expertise?

Think about a passion of yours or a subject that you know well.  Could you tell others about that passion?  Are there products related to the subject. Could that passion become a way of building income online.

Suppose you loved to fish.  Could you tell people how you fish or where you fish?  Could you explain what fishing equipment you use?  Could you think of products that are sold online that relate to fishing.   Fishing could be your online business.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing combines your passion, your interest with commissions you earn by pointing people to products related to your interest.  If your interest is fishing, you point people to lures, boats, rods and reels.

You create a website to combining fishing with links to fishing products. You become an affiliate of retailers who want their products on your website.

Look at your favorite websites.  You’ll see an ad for something related to the site.  This is affiliate marketing, how that site earns income.

building income through affiliate marketing


Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate, a hosting site that educates and supports affiliate marketers, offers a free Starter Program with 2 free websites and 2 free courses on building websites and affiliate marketing.

You can combine your passion and affiliate marketing to build an abundance of money for living.


What did you learn from this page?  Write you comments below.   Do you have business experience? What interest could be an online business for you?

Something Different – Wealthy Affiliate

We are always looking for something different in life, something new. Would an exciting way to build income be something different?

Something Different

Something Normal

Housework is not something different.

Normal for me is doing things around the house.  Normal for me is going to work.  Normal for me is going out to dinner and a movie. I wanted to do something different.

What is normal for you?

Something Different

I look at websites all the time.  Creating a website is something different for me.  I buy online all the time.  Owning an internet business is different for me.

Would creating a website and online business be different for you?

Income online is something different.

Something I Enjoy

I enjoy cooking, reading and walking, among other things.  Fishing has been my passion my whole life.   I am doing new  by creating a website and an internet business about fishing.

What  passion or interest of yours could be a website and internet business?

Something I Know

Father teaching son something different.

I know a bit about a lot of things, but  a lot about fishing.  I combined what I know about fishing and what I learned about creating  an internet business.

What do you know really well?

Something to Share

I believe everyone can enjoy fishing.  It gets everyone outdoors.  It creates a sense of accomplishment.  It offers a challenge.  I share my passion on my website.

What passion or interest would you share?

moving forward to something different

Something to Do

Share your passion.  Create a website.  Build your income. Start an internet business.  Learn how.  Get a Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership.  Its free.  No credit card is required.  You will receive two free websites and 10 free starter lessons on creating your websites and internet business. You can’t miss.

You can do something different.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best decisions I have made.

Share you thoughts about this page in the comment section below. What is your passion?  Could it become an internet business?  What would you do with more income?

Something New – Wealthy Affiliate Invitations

When you accept an invitation, you anticipate doing something new and exciting.

This Invitation Is Something New for You


Support for Something New is Important 

If you accept this invitation to the introductory program at   You will be starting something new.  Are you an experienced website developer or a novice like me.  WA will be something new for you.

I feel comfortable inviting you to WA.

You will have great  community support to help you succeed.  Support is the foundation for success at WA.

Something new at Christmas
Questions Stimulate Support 

Whether exploring the WA dashboard, figuring out the details of Word Press or trying to absorb the content of the Certification and Boot Camp courses, you will have questions.

  • You can ask questions through blog posts.
  • You can ask questions in the classrooms after each lesson.
  • You can ask questions in live chat.
  • You can ask questions at the  support team link.

people helping people at christmas

Every question receives an answer.  Every answer is accessible to the whole WA community.

                                                Support Stimulates Growth

Whether you are an experienced affiliate marketeror a novice, like me, your questions help the entire community grow.

  • Someone may need understand social media.
  • Someone else may need to animate a website. 
  • Another member may learn search ranking.

growing something new


Traffic to your website builds, commissions through your affiliate sales grow as your website points traffic to affiliate product.

  • Content stimulates sales.
  • Growth stimulates content.
  • Support stimulates growth.
  • Questions produce support.
  • Questions lead to income.

As you follow the WA program, several things happen.

  • You will refine your website.
  • Images and ads  you choose will drive affiliate purchases.
  • Your commissions will grow as affiliate purchases increase.

If WA is something new to you, you are not alone.  Following the WA plan, step by step can help you develop your website and start your business.

Please write down your thoughts and share your experience in the comment section of this blog post.

Completely New To Me, but Interesting and Fun

I enjoy trying something completely new, even if its unknown.  A new food, new hotel, job new, new friend…. everything new can be exciting.

Creating a Website is Completely New to Me 


creating something completely new online

    I have done many things from laying bricks to setting up a library.  I have built houses and hunted big game, but I had never added a widget  to a website until recently.  In fact, at one point, while I was the director of a company, people congratulated me for managing to correct a spelling error on our company website.  Working with websites is completely new to me.  The word “novice” does not adequately describe my lack of experience in building and managing websites.

Searching the Internet for Something Interesting to Do

Affiliate Marketing

Once retired, I searched the internet for something new and interesting to do.  I focused primarily on free lance writing opportunities, but was not about to ignore any paying positions.finding something completely new online. I saw an ad about turning a personal passion into an internet business through affiliate marketing.  So, I researched affiliate marketing.  It turns out that many retailers allow independent people to sell their products through, what is called, an affiliate relationship.  They provide e marketing materials, the products per sale commissions.

Web Hosting

During my search for something interesting to do, I learned that websites are hosted.  I have had a personal website for a long time;  I did not create that site so I did not understand the relationship between the person who “developed” my site and the company that kept it up on the internet.  The thought of working with a website was completely new to me.


I  learned what a blog is while I was searching the internet. I also found a hosting platform called  Wealthy Affiliate that supports “bloggers” building an affiliate marketing internet business.  That’s a sentence I wouldn’t have understood 3 months ago.  Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership which includes two free websites and 10 free  lessons about building a website and an internet business in affiliate marketing.  I decided I had nothing to lose by joining WA through a free membership.  Finally, I had found something interesting to do.

This site explains the WA program.

affilate marketing is something new.

Blog Posts Build the Wealthy Affiliate Experience

Blog Posts are Important

Expertise and experience is shared in the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) community through blog posts and trainings .


The Expertise of Thousands

Every website needs a platform to “host” the site.  Wealthy Affiliates (WA) is a hosting platform.  The name refers to “affiliate marketing” or pointing readers to products and services related to site content.

WA teaches affiliate marketing.  The expertise of experienced internet entrepreneurs provides suggestions and instructions on everything from adding videos to websites to internet marketing, through blog posts.

Sharing Expertise through Blog Posts

I have no experience in affiliate marketing.  I have no expertise in developing a website.  I have been able to share helpful information through blog posts.  I have shared my writing experience, thoughts on time management and organizing emails.  Your blog posts will be important for the WA community.

What do you have to share?


thinkingSeveral Sites

WA helped me create sites discussing  subjects important to me.  This site on building an online income.

I have a site on fishing, a major passion in my life.  (Information does not need to be deep or serious.)

I am putting together sites on a medical issue, senior citizenship and  theology.

Interest and Opinion

Your interests and opinions are interesting to others.  Website content can be deep, funny, frightening, technical or absurd.  Someone will be interested in what you have to say.

How Does this Happen?

Tools and Support

WA provides all of this.  The tools and support at WA change inexperience into expertise.  Tools include:


  1. Word Presscaveman-tools
  2. Instruction on creating content
  3. Live online instruction sessions
  4. Social media access
  5. Keyword Analysis
  6. Live Chat
  7. Private Messaging
  8. A Referral System
  9. WA Rankings
  10. Website Management
  11. WA Blogging

Teach, Inform and Entertain

Your websites will teach, inform or entertain evolving with new information … new ideas.  You will enjoy sharing information on your site and  reading what others have written.

Share Your Thoughts

Take a moment to write a comment.  Let everyone know what you think about financial growth. How do your pursue your goals? What would you like to share with the world?  If you set up a website, what subject would be your focus?  How would you see yourself turning that subject into an internet business?

Take the time to see how WA can help you pursue your dreams.

Skeptical about the Internet, Anyone?

 Are You Skeptical about the Internet?


The internet is an amazing tool.  I am skeptical about information I find there.   I spent more hours searching for books in the library, in school, than I did in class.  I would get to the right library shelf place and find that the book was already checked out.

Research used to be tedious and difficult.

Information on anything is available, on the internet,  with just a few key strokes.  But, what can you believe?

Can You Believe What You Read?

skeptic         I am skeptical about what I find on the internet.  An offer about fast money turns me off faster than a mouse click.  When someone tells me to check out this site or that video,  I usually offer a non-committed, “I’ll look at it.”  I usually don’t.

When I to  look at  Wealthy Affiliate (WA), I had the same response.  But because developing a website was completely new to me, I decided to check it out.  Why not check out a free program about earning money online?

my computerFree Websites and Instruction

I had nothing to loose by checking out two free websites and a course on developing those sites  . No one would have my credit card.

As an internet skeptic, I tend to expect information to be inaccurate or deceptive.  Claims are exaggerated.  This is what I anticipated with WA.

I began the “Starter Membership taking all the lessons.  To my surprise, I  built a website. … for free.   Finding my site, was exciting.   I was open for business.

I am not Skeptical about WA



As a skeptic, I have found that WA  to be legitimate offering a free membership that leads to an internet business.  There is great support from thousands of participants and continuing guidance from experienced people.

 Changing My Skepticism to Action

I built a website on fishing which is fun.  Then I developed this site which is more practical.  I have plans for two other sites.

Sometimes there is no one more obnoxious that a converted skeptic.  I don’t want to be obnoxious, but I am a converted WA skeptic.    Take a look.  Give it a try.

Please comment on your thoughts about this post or share your experience in the comment section below.

Earn Online Building Your Financial Freedom

 “Earn online” means different things to different people.  To me, it means building financial freedom.


Earn Online Rather Than On Site

Exploring Online


There was no internet when I started working in 19something.  The term “earn online” did not exist.  I was cuttings 10 lawns a week, in my neighborhood. when I was 12 years old.  In high school, I found an after school job at a small corner store for extra income.  I recently retired after 55 years of full time work, part time work and two jobs at a time work.  After retiring as the CEO of a California based company,  I wanted to keep working doing something completely new to me, but completely on my terms.  I decided to explore earning online.

Learn to Use WordPress

Online Job Search

I am competent with canned computer programs from word processing to data manipulation, but I never had the time or inclination to learn to build a website or, for that matter, spend much time online.  A discussion with a friend prompted me to think about trying to do some kind of work online.  I looked at a number of online opportunities from writing book reviews to quality assurance opportunities, but found nothing interesting enough for me to commit any of my retirement time.

Wealthy Affiliate

I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and was intrigued.  After taking the free course on website development, spending time implementing the course on Word Press and computer-and-money-signsexperiencing an unbelievable amount of support, I decided to earn online, at home, on websites I developed.

Work with Your Passion

My Passion

Fishing, any kind of fishing, is a passion of mine.  I love to be outdoors.  I love to be in the water, on the water or near the water be it stream, river, ocean, lake or pond.  WA taught me how to put together  my love of fishing and what I learned about developing websites to build an income online working at my desk, in my office at home.

Learning Through WA

It didn’t matter that I had no idea how to build or manage a website.  WA helped me through every step of the process. I know my fishing site  isn’t particularly deep (Sorry. I couldn’t help the pun.), but I am planning a few sites on more important subjects once I know what I am doing.


Work with Your Interests

If you have an interest, WA can help you build a website.  If you can’t think of a subject, WA will help you find a subject and build a website.  Its interesting, fun and profitable.

Activate your free membership and see what I found.

Please write a comment about this post or your experience in the comment section.