Get Started – Starter Program Lessons

When registration ends at Wealthy Affiliate (WA), the green link is where you get started.  This will take you to 10 lessons that are unlike any you remember from your school days.


Get Started and

Click the green link for ten free lessons on making your website. The lessons teaches how to start an internet business and how to make money with that business.

10 free lesson when you get startedLessons

Every Wealthy Affiliate (WA) lesson has 3 parts …. a written lesson, a video lesson and a practice lesson.  You must finish each lesson to start the next.

  •  Lesson 1 explains the Starter Program tools and helps you use each one.
  • Lesson 2 explains making money on your website.
  • Lesson 3 gets you thinking about your interests so you choose a subject.
  • Lesson 4 helps you pick a theme a theme or format for your site.
  • Lesson 5 guides helps you set up your website.
  • Lesson 6 explains SEO and helps you load it onto your site.
  • Lesson 7 helps you think about what you site will say.
  • Lesson 8 helps you know the difference between a post and a page.
  • Lesson 9 helps you begin to create quality content on your site.
  • Lesson 10 explains the premium program.


The  Get Started and Get results of Getting Started

This is what you do in the Free “Getting Started” Lessons.  You will be amazed at what you have learned and what you have done.


Other Programs

Some other programs give a free website.  They have easy to use tools.  Some programs even build a site for you.  You can pick the subject and the style.

Free lessons set WA apart.  You learn how to write content.  You learn what looks good on a site.  You learn what search engines want. You start an internet business.

Build a successful online business


Share you thoughts about what you read on this page.  Have you taken a course like WA?  Do you like to write?  Can you think of a subject for a site? What will your site look like?