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Free Lessons

Ten free lessons answer questions at Wealthy Affiliate. 



Most Asked Questions:

  • What is a blog post?
  • How do I add content to a website?
  • How do I make the format for my website?
  • Where do I go to find pictures that for my website?classroom
  • How do I access affiliate sites to earn an income?
  • How do I attract viewers my website?
  • How do I encourage people to buy at my site?
  • How do I decide on the subject of my site.
  • Can people comment on the content of the website?
  • How are visitors to the website tracked?

Your ten free lessons will provide answers to these questions and many more.


What about Other Online Web Building Courses?

     There are other online courses about building a website, developing an online business and generating traffic.  Most of these programs do not offer free lessons.  Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is committed to  having online entrepreneurs experience creating a website and a business plan that can lead to success. 

Lessons are Always Available at the Link

This little green button links to 10 free lessons on free lessonswebsite building and online business development.  There is lots more to learn for those who want to go more into depth.

What is the Free Lesson Content?

  • the different between a post and a page.
  •  overview of the WA and  Word Press Dashboards
  • how to add affiliate links to the website.
  • how to find pictures for the site.
  • how to build ranking in search engines
  • how to build website traffic
  • how to access social media with a website

After 10 lessons, the website can be published, monetized and referenced in Google.

Free Lessons and Practice

At the end of each lesson, there are assignments to be completed before moving on to the next lesson.

  1. These apply directly to building the website or the online business.
  2. When 10 lessons are completed, the internet business can up and running.
  3. The lessons can easily be reviewed after the assignments are completed.


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