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Choosing a University

Students hear about a university from a guidance counsellor, an alumnus or through an ad.  Usually a decision to attend comes after a visit.  Once a decision is made, students can’t wait for registration.

Did you see that cool fishing website? No but I saw some great jewelry.

Did hear about this great course? No, but I saw some great jewelry.

How did you hear about Wealthy Affiliate (WA)University?  Have you asked questions or looked at WA online?  Have you seen what someone has accomplished through WA?

If a university has what a student wants, the next step is to register.


WA registration happens online through a link  or a banner.  You click on click on a banner like the one below.  

Registration at wealthy affiliate

At registration, you are asked to enter your name and email address.  For account access, you set up a user name and password. The form provides a link to a WA overview.  There is a scrolling list of participant activity on the form.

That’s it.

No credit card or detailed information is required for the Starter Program. You enter just enough information to have an identify for  members to see  and to track your progress.

After Registration

As at any university, after you register there is orientation.  At WA, you review all the program tools.

The Starter course is like affiliate marketing 101. It covers the basics.

You take the  basic lessons with other students at your convenience and at your pace.  WA has approximately 600,000 students world-wide. You can ask questions after each lesson.  You can comment on each lesson.  Completing lesson assignments prepares you for your next lesson.  Suddenly, you are learning.  You are creating a website.

At most universities, there are buildings for university life.   At WA, there are links….. classes, live chat, questions, website development and much more.   Your personal page has private messaging, marketing tools referral tracking and ranking information.

This year, give yourself a present that could change your life.

Register at Wealthy Affiliate University to claim:  


Two Free Webpages

Ten Free Site Building Lessons

Free Word Press

Free Affiliate Marketing Lessons

Share your thoughts about what you have read on this page in the comment section of the home page.  Have you taken courses in creating a website?  Do you have a business background.  Why do you want to create an online business?