Self Employed

Let me tell you why I am now self employed.

About Me – James Collins

        Work and Home

I want to write about work and home as I tell you about me.  I’m a retired clergyman who also worked with developmentally disabled individuals.

My wife and I have a  blended marriage with 6 kids and 5 grandkids.

I enjoy hunting, fishing, reading and cooking. I have written a book about people in the north called One Man’s Mile.

About Me – Self Employed

Lots of Jobs

I cut lawns as a kid renting my Dad’s lawn mower for .25 a weekend.

For one job, I negotiated .10/ stem for cutting down a hedge.  I cut $110 worth of stems, but was paid $50.  My Dad advised, “Get what you can. Loss is part of doing business.”  I ended up with $75 and a valuable lesson.

I have tried a number of small businesses that produced some income. They weren’t worth the effort.

I have always believed that there was something I could do, with minimal financial commitment, to be self employed.

About Me

Something New for Retirement

My retirement  is a time to do things that I couldn’t do while working.

I want to do a lot of fishing. I want exercise more for my health.  I want to  prospect for gold.  But, I also wanted to keep learning.

When I discovered Wealthy Affiliate University, I found something new to learn.  The WA Banner,  “We can teach anyone how to build a successful online business.” caught my attention.  I could learn to create a website about fishing and build an income.

That’s a twofer.

Check out WA for yourself. 

self employed through Wealthy Affiliate


Share your thoughts in the comment section below. What has been your experience with self-employment?  What is your passion that could become a business?  Would you want to learn how to create a website and build an internet business through that website?