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Build Financial Freedom

Have you seen ads on Yahoo or Google?   Yahoo and Google get paid when you click and buy.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to do the same thing on your own website.  WA teaches you to create your own website and gives you all the tools you need.  You can earn commissions by pointing your readers to retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Outdoor World, Camping World and hundreds more.

Wealthy Affiliate provides over 100 training videos. New trainings are added daily by expert WA community members.  You can easily become a pro at creating websites using Word Press.  Access 24/7 technical support.  Ask questions and get quick answers in the community members.   Check out the program just by registering with you name, email and a password.  But don’t think to long. The sale will be over before you know it.

A Starter  Membership is Free.  A Premium membership usually costs $49 /month.  

The Black Friday Price for a Premium membership is $.82/day. 

Annual membership = $588.

Black Friday Sale = $289

You have 3 day offer to access all WA tools, services and community expertise for $289.

Don’t miss this chance to get a year of WA help to build any internet business that interests you.

  • Write a blog.
  • Sell things that you have made online.
  • Sell Your art work.
  • Market your book with the help of WA tutorials.
  • Start a fund raising campaign for you team or your favorite charity.
  • Get a discussion going around the world.

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Wealthy Affiliate Secrets Revealed

Wealthy Affiliate has been the most questioned business development plan on the internet. Finally, members are revealing whether WA is an MLM, a Network Marketing Scheme or a great idea.  Now, information is coming out about affiliate marketing and its impact online.  Is WA really a business training site or is it a scam?  The truth about the Wealthy Affiliate hype will shock you.  Read more or click the

Continue reading

Online Sales Made Easy

Do you sell things?  Have you used Craigslist or Ebay or Letgo, etc.  Would you like to sell online to almost 4 billion customers around the clock.  Read about how online sales made easy helps millions earn through their computer.

Online Sales Made Easy

Direct Sales can be any online sales made easy by following simple,animated-computer-image-0178 step by step lessons.  Ultimately, you are selling a product you have developed or purchased to sell.  Because you make sales directly at the website, this business is called “Direct Sales.”

Drop shipping is a variation of direct sales with the purchase at one site and shipping from another site.  Because of this, this method is called “drop shipping.”

Even with online sales made easy in every way possible, you have to collect payment, send receipts, ship product and handle customer.  For sure, that’s a lot of work.  However, authors, auto shops, major retailers, pet shops, travel agencies, almost any business you can name,  offer their products and services to the almost 4 billion people who use the internet.   What are the pros and cons of this business? Continue reading

Best Online Business – 5 Steps to Success

Dozens of websites promise Financial Freedom.  They all use one of 6 business models ….. Affiliate Marketing, Direct Sales, Gaming, MLMs, Surveys and Shopping.  Which is the best online business model?

This could be the best online business

 Click any image or link below for more information.   

Follow these 5 Steps to Financial Freedom 

Step 1.  Choose the Best Online Business Model for You.

As you research the 6 business models, remember that a good online business needs:

  • low overhead
  • low cost or no inventory
  • no personnel recruiting
  • no profit sharing
  • passive income
  • multiple earning opportunities

Spoiler Alert: Affiliate Marketing meets all the above.

 Step 2.  Compare Affiliate Marketing Plans 

As you explore, affiliate marketing plans, check to see which plans provide everything on the list below. 

  • Free Trial Period
  • 60 Free Training Videos
  • On-going subject specific video trainings
  • Free Tech Supportbest online business
  • Program Affiliate Tools
  • Clear Operating Rules
  • Full Ownership
  • Access to Word Press
  • Low Premium Membership Fee
  • Good participant interaction

Spoiler Alert: Only Wealthy Affiliate meets all ten criteria. 

Step 3.  Complete the Wealthy Affiliate Trial Period

Complete the Wealthy Affiliate free trial period exactly as recommended to answer these questions:

  • Can I learn what I need to be successful through the program?
  • Do I want to do affiliate marketing.
  • Can I earn an income through affiliate marketing?
  • Will I enjoy doing this?
  • Are good website development tools provided?
  • Is good technical and program support provided?
  • Do I have to buy a lot of stuff to participate in this program?
  • What have other people said about this program?
  • How easy will it be for me to get help?
  • How much can I earn?

Step 4. Take all the Wealthy Affiliate Training Available

Most programs will offer basic training.  Wealthy Affiliate provides 60 in-depth training videos.

  • Study every lesson in detail.
  • Complete all the recommended practice work.
  • Read “classroom” discussion about each lesson.
  • Identify all the learning support available.
  • Ask participants to share what they have learned.
  • Ask participants to review your work.

Step 5. Build the Best Online Business Yourself

After you have completed the Wealthy Affiliate trial period,  continue to build your business.

Build Financial Freedom Online by:

  • applying what you have learned.
  • continuing to learn about your business model.
  • maintaining and improving your site.
  • marketing your site and spreading the word.
  • learning from and helping other people in the program.
  • doing whatever you need to do to make your business thrive.
  • enjoying your earnings.


Wealthy Affiliate meets all the criteria for creating success.   Because Wealthy Affiliate offers extensive training in affiliate marketing and a free Starter Program allowing you to experience an affiliate marketing online business, Wealthy Affiliate is my recommendation.

Best online business income

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All of these things listed set Wealthy Affiliate apart.

Take a moment to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Money Management Professionals Defined

Money Management Professionals

If you watch evening TV for more than an hour, you will see an advertisement for a money management consultant.  Obviously, these ads focus on planning for retirement and other major life events.  As a result, they discuss college, illness, changing marital status and natural disasters.  So, what is the definition of how a Money Management Professional? defines a money management professional as  someone “ …..  who is paid to provide investment advice and management to their clients at a flat fee or % of assets they manage.”   Generally, the professional is an individual contractor or an employee of an investment firm.   However, it is important that a financial advisor be a fiduciary. A fiduciary is a money manager who can buy and sell through your account with consent.  In addition, the fiduciary works solely for the investor.  Of course, there are pros and cons to have any financial advisor.


  • They help with complex financial situations
  • Money managers constantly monitor funds for the best return
  • They Invest through an overall investment plan
  • The professional is familiar with trends and prices


  • There is always a fee for service.
  • The investor does not control of investment decisions.
  • Investment is always a risk

Types of Money Management Advisors

Customer Service Rep.

This professional works for a bank or other financial business.  As a result, they offer advice on money management professionals make money for youone time transactions like opening a checking account or securing a loan.  Although, their advice is free, they limited it to their area of responsibility.


A banker can advise and access several different kinds of investment accounts including IRAs, Guaranteed Income Certificates and Government bonds.  Although there is no cost for a bankers services, they can only offer their banks investment products.

Mutual Fund Broker

These people work for a mutual fund group.  In fact, they deal only in mutual funds.  Their services are free.  Usually, the group builds a fee for service into the cost of your mutual fund purchase.

Stock Broker

This person helps identify and buy stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  Because they are registered employees of brokerage firms, they earn commissions on the financial products they sell.

Investment Advisor

These people administer  investment portfolios.  They work for a company registered to administer portfolios.   So, the company usually charges a flat rate for each transaction.  All of their clients are able to invest at least $250,00.

Financial Planner

This person advises on invests, saving strategies, retire funds or any other kind of financial matter that affects someone’s finances.  Fortunately, the state licenses these planners.  However, financial planners have independent fee structures for the overall services that they provided.

You Must Earn Money to Manage Money

Are you one of the millions of people who earn just enough to live on?  As a result, do you live from paycheck to paycheck?  Are you working two jobs for one, simple lifestyle?  Then, you may need a side -hustle.  Click the banner below to review an online business program which you can try for free.  The program includes:

  1. Two free websites with the domain names of your choice.
  2. Access to WordPress to create your websites.
  3. Ten free video lessons to help you create your website and start your online business.
  4. A 24/7 chat room where you can have your questions answered.
  5. Round the clock easily accessed technical support.
  6. A discount on the first month of an all access program if you enjoy the free starter program.