Define Affiliate Marketing Business Model

Define Affiliate Marketing

Oxford Languages and Google define affiliate marketing  as “a marketing arrangement by which anthis can define affiliate marketing online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.”  You only need 4 things to be an affiliate marketer.

  1. A way to display affiliate products.
  2.  An affiliate relationship with at least one retailer.
  3.  Affiliate product and service links to display.
  4.  A method for receiving payment.

Creating a Way to Display Affiliate Marketing Products

Social Media

Many people use social media platforms for affiliate marketing.  For sure, if you watch YouTube,  you have probably heard ads that define affiliate marketing. For example, “There is a link to purchase this tool in the description below.”  Social media platforms can display affiliate links.  However, there is limited space for product images and information.  So,  if you are a YouTuber, or on Facebook, Instagram or any other form of social media, you have a platform for affiliate marketing.


The best way to promote affiliate products is on a website.  You would link affiliate products to content. Consequently, the reader has a reason to purchase the product.  Obviously, there is space on a website to present related information.  Website links can lead to more detailed information.  Also, there is no time limit on reading through a website.

There are lots of programs to help you create a website for affiliate marketing.  Many of these offer good training.  They also offer support and web hosting.   As an introduction, check out the program  below.

Creating an Affiliate Relationship

Ok. You have created your affiliate marketing platform.  Now, you need to create affiliate relationships.

Ask yourself,  “What is my passion, my main interest or a cause I support?  Then think of  what productsthis is a free way to define affiliate marketing would be useful that interest or cause.   These products are you affiliate products.   For instance, let’s say you wanted to support a baseball team.   you might think of Walmart as a place to buy baseball equipment.    They have a great affiliate program.  Consequently, you should apply.

How to find retailers who offer affiliate relationships.

  • You can go directly many retailers learn.  Type the retailers name  and “affiliate” into your browser.
  • Affiliate administration programs like Rakuten  screen websites for retailers as does C.J. Affiliates.
  • There are affiliate marketing course offer affiliate databases.  For example,  Wealthy Affiliate, an affiliate marketing training program, offers a data base of affiliate programs to members.    This helps define affiliate marketing

Complete the Affiliate Application

Each retailer will have an application which must be completed.  The application will require at least:

  • personal contact information
  • website identification
  • website content category

As well, many retailers ask that you place an identification code in the header of your website.  Also, bank information may be required.

Warning:  Retailers do not accept every affiliate application.

Copy and Paste Affiliate Product Links

Copying a Product Link

Each retailer has a system for sharing affiliate links.  Almost immediately, you will know which products relate to your content.  These are the links you will copy and paste.   For example, one of my websites for  is     I use affiliate links for fishing equipment.

For example, offers a great affiliate partnership.  They have a specific place on the home account page to find links:

these links define affiliate marketing

In this case, clicking on the word “Text” provides a link for you to copy and paste into your website.

Pasting an Affiliate Link Makes You an Affiliate Marketer

Once an affiliate link is copied, there are several ways to insert it into a Word Press site.

It can be added to an image.  For example, the images on this page  have links added to them.

For example, below, you can see that  “Link to” says “None”.  So, the salmon colored box above on the page has no affiliate link.  Click on it…. nothing.

define affiliate marketing by learning about it

Now, the option to add an affiliate link is available.

Now, a link has been added to the Salmon colored book next to the URL.

Now click on the box.

Consequently, You will see a number of banners for affiliate stores from Amazon to Nutrisystem.  Banners are the 2nd way to present affiliate links.  Rather than products, the retailer is presented


The third way to add a link is to copy the HTML code provided by the retailer onto your website.

It’s difficult but Word Press provides a tab for adding the code shown above for the banner shown.

In the tool bar, the tab for text is selected.  The banner is not showing because the code is not there next to the code for line.


Here, the copied HTML provided has simply been pasted in.  Normally, you couldn’t see it.

<a href=””><img src=”” border=”0″ /></a>

Although it seems very complicated,  affiliate marketing classes make it easy to follow step by step.  Click on that banner and see where it takes you.

A Method for Receiving Payment

Each affiliate retailer has requests banking information.  Most ask your preference for payment.  Most offer mailed checks.  Many offer Paypal or another payment app.  Almost all offer direct deposit.  Usually there is a minimum payout amount of $50 or $100.  You receive 100% of the commissions earned when people buy at your site.

Now You Know

You Can Have 10 Free Lessons 

You have read an overview of the 4 things that define affiliate marketing.   I suggest that you click the link below.  You can register for a free website.  As well, you will get 10 free affiliate marketing lessons.  You just give your name, an email and a password.  You choose an image to prove you aren’t a bot.  To complete your registration you can set some goals.

Define Affiliate Marketing for Yourself

You will have a chance to create a website.  You will be able to set up affiliate relationships.  Once that is done, you will be able to paste affiliate links into your site.  You will be an affiliate marketer.



18 thoughts on “Define Affiliate Marketing Business Model

  1. I have heard the term affiliate marketing many times before. But I have realized, by reading your article, how easy is to dip our foot in the water using this model. I will certainly give it a try. And I will start promoting some goods on social media, that is what I know most of all these online options.

  2. Hi James,

    I’ve read through your article and I like the way you present it – the term affiliate marketing also. I think the best way for it is an own website, and for me it’s a lot of fun to write the articles. I hope that in a year from now, my website will be it’s own brand, and of course I hope I will earn money with it, maybe even enough to pay the rent. Do you use any platform additionally? I mean, connected to your website? I guess it would be good to do own videos on YouTube, for example one video per week, and to embed it on the website….thanks for reading.


    • I do use YouTube, but I have not transferred any videos to my website. I find you too very helpful for getting things done. I have 2 channels but I’m just learning. I hope they will enhance The content offered on my website. Thanks for reading in commenting.

  3. There certainly is a great deal of information out on the internet about affiliate marketing and you have presented a thoughtful summary for the interested reader. Can I learn about affiliate marketing without joining a group or a community?  If I already have a website, can I add affiliate marketing links to it?

    • Sure.  The groups and communities are there for training and for expertise and advise.  You can certainly add affiliate links to your website on your own.  Just pick a retailer whose products relate to your website content. Then type that retailer into browser followed by the word affiliate.  You should find affiliate programs.  Then you would just follow the steps of that retailer to become an affiliate.  If you know how to add affiliate links you are all set.  A group just helps with stuff we don’t know.  Thanks for reading and for your question.

  4. This is a detailed description of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a win-win business model. This means it is mutually beneficial to both the manufacturer/company/retailer and the advertiser(affiliate marketer).

    This is what we have been doing with family members, friends and colleagues. Affiliate marketing is like referring someone to use a product or service you have used or trust. We do this daily without knowing that is exactly how affiliate marketing works but this time around you are rewarded and are on a larger platform attracting, advertising and referring people you do not even know. 

  5. Hello Fabi.

    This is a really thorough analysis. I like how you advise that you only need four things to be an affiliate marketer, which I find appealing. I believe the way you approach and explain affiliate marketing is what sets you apart from other websites. Choosing a specialty might be difficult for some people. By highlighting its relevance in the Affiliate marketing relationship, you assist the audience in choosing their specialization. You basically tell them they need to work hard in a friendly way.


  6. Affiliate marketing can be a nice way to continue to earn money long after you have created the content. Wealthy Affiliate seems like a solid option for someone looking to learn without investing mega dollars up front. What companies have you noticed pay out the most that people want to buy?

    • Because I am dealing with a specific type of product, most of the retailers with which I am affiliated pay out about 15%.  Actually, Wealthy Affiliate has a very high affiliate payout.  Thanks for reading and for your question.

  7. Affiliate marketing can be your way into online business. With minimal setup costs and the potential to earn from the tart, it works out as a great business model. I have done affiliate marketing for close to a year now and I have enjoyed it. I have got fully invested in content creation and made sure that it is enjoyable content to create, otherwise I would get demotivated.

    • The amazing thing about affiliate marketing is the ability to offer almost any product or service without purchasing inventory.  Thanks for reading and commenting.

  8. This is truly a detailed article about affiliate marketing. There are some that give up on affiliate marketing within a few months from not seeing riches right away as they do not have the dedication. Affiliate marketing takes time & dedication, as the main thing you need to do is build trust just like a regular store brand, you need to have traffic coming to your website or social media accounts. To be approved for as an affiliate for major brands they will look at how long your website has been active and how much traffic you bring in on a monthly basis. Great read on affiliate marketing and shared with my social media followers. 

    • Affiliate marketing does take time and dedication. But, we can be our own boss and Our customer base is unlimited —… Thanks for reading and commenting….

  9. I am also in the affiliate marketing business and a WA community member too. I started my journey 5 years back and today I am the owner of 4 successful websites. When I was a newbie and knew nothing about this field, WA helped me a lot. Their video lectures taught me how this system works and what I need to do in order to succeed in this field. Most importantly, I could always contact these people whenever I was facing any difficulty with my website. 

    According to me affiliate marketing is an emerging field and one can not only see a side income in the field but one can also make this their permanent source of income just like me. The only thing this field wants is patience, you need to keep working with just one motive- to gain the trust of your readers without worrying about your income, once this trust is established then there is no looking back.

    • I completely agree. Patience and persistence are the keys to success. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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