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This article is about the online startup business phenomenon.  Markinblog.com states that there are at  least 26 million eCommerce sites on the web today.  This is more than double the number existing three years ago.  We will look at why have there been millions of start-up businesses world wide over the last 3 years.  As well, we will examine what goes into a start-up business.  From there, we will look at the most popular e-commerce start up models.  The article will also suggest the most practical online startup business model.


What is an Easy Online Business Startup

A startup is really any new business.  It might not be a unique business. But, a startup is new.  Often, people think that a startup can only be an e-commerce business.  This is not true.  A local woman recently began to design her own line of jewelry.  At first, she sold the jewelry by word of mouth from her home.  She had created a business startup.  A startup business model can be completely original or similar to another model.  As long as it is used in a completely new business, it is considered a startup.  The person who creates a startup has a new idea. Or, they think they can present an existing idea in a new way.  Primarily, they are beginning.  This article will focus on the nature of e-commerce startups.

Why So Many Startups

Why have there been an extraordinary number of e-commerce startups over the last few years?  Interestingly, 3 unprecedented things happened in the world during that time.

  • The pandemic caused the world to stay home.  In many cases, the only way to obtain goods and services was through the internet.  Many businesses developed e-commerce startups to survive.
  • Many traditional jobs went away.  Out of necessity, people thought up e-commerce business models and created at home startups.
  • During this time, many people had a major shift in their life view.  Consequently, people left their traditional jobs in favor of working from home with more freedom and more life control.

Every kind of business popped up on the internet from online meal ordering to medical consulting.  It will be interesting to see how the world returning to normal will affect e-commerce.


Six Things that Go Into An Easy Online Business Startup

animated-thinking-smiley-image-00121. Any startup is based on the idea that people need a product or a service.  For example, Ben and Jerry simply decided to make a different, more intensely flavored ice cream.

2. The second thing that is needed for a startup is money.  Research and development is expensive.  The capital to move from  idea to sales is huge.

3. Next, people need to know about great product in the world.  A marketing strategy is necessary.

4. A delivery system is what gets the product to the customer.  Whether the product is a toy or therapy, there has to be a way for people to access it.

5. A payment method allows the startup to make money.  Creating a payment method can be complex because it also must allow for the return of payment if necessary.

6. Any startup needs customers who want the product or service that is offered.  USAtoday.com offered a comical list of 50 recent products that no one wanted.

This simple list is absolutely the bare minimum needed to create a startup.

Popular Startup Models

Despite the huge number of e-commerce startups, there only 5 basic business models.

  • Subscription – payment for reoccurring purchase of a product or service
  • Direct Sales –  creating, marketing, shipping the product or service
  • Drop-Shipping – Purchase, sale and delivery of someone else’s product
  • Affiliate marketing – marketing someone’s product for a per sale commission
  • Interaction – online or real time participation in an activity

Affiliate Marketing an Easy Online Business Startup

That definition of affiliate marketing shows a simple, effective business model that anyone can start.  Not only that, every person that uses a browser on the internet knows affiliate marketing.  Consequently, there is worldwide trust in this business model.  Think about Google, Yahoo and other websites.

Affiliate marketing has a number of advantages over other online business startup models.

  • Very low business overhead  –  only web hosting related tools.
  • No inventory.
  • Products and services marketed can be anything on the internet
  • No shipping or returns.
  • Don’t accept product payment.
  • No huge startup cost
  • Over 5 billion potential customers on the internet

If being your own boss as you work from home sounds good, affiliate marketing might be for you.  Wealthy Affiliate, a world wide affiliate marketing platform, will ….

  1. Teach you how to earn commissions marketing products for retailers.
  2. Give you a free website to create your startup.
  3.  Present ten free lessons on how to create an affiliate marketing startup.
  4.  Help you to build your startup for 7 days.
  5.  Help you to decide if affiliate marketing is for you.
  6.  If it is, all the tools, 24/7 technical support, complete access to community expertise, the Jaxxy Keyword search program, over 100 video lessons and ongoing trainings are available to you for $49 monthly.  You can even try all this for one full month at less than half price.

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16 thoughts on “Easy Online Business Startup Idea

  1. Although I knew that many more people started working from home and started businesses online during the pandemic, I did not realise that there are double the amount of ecommerce businesses compared with three years ago. 

    Starting an affiliate marketing business has very little cost and one can even start for free with Wealthy Affiliate. With affiliate marketing you do not need to carry inventory, and to me that is the perfect online startup business. 

  2. Although I was aware that many people began working from home and launching businesses online due to the pandemic, I was not aware that the number of eCommerce enterprises has increased by a factor of two compared to three years ago.

    Beginning an affiliate marketing business requires very little financial outlay, and with Wealthy Affiliate, you can even get started without spending a dime. Affiliate marketing does not need you to have any inventory, making it, in my opinion, the ideal online business for beginning entrepreneurs.


    • The low overhead and until customer base are the two most important features of this business model.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  3. I have been in the affiliate marketing business for the past 5 years. According to me, affiliate marketing is a great start-up field as it does not require much initial investment. All it needs is good writing skills and a lot of patience. You must keep working hard, with the main motive to gain the trust of your readers, once it is done then there is no looking back. 

    • Patience and hard work are the keys to success with almost anything.  Affiliate marketing is not exception.  Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  4. I always dream to make money online.

    You have put six things that go into an easy online business startup awesome!

    This article will really help to get start on your easy online business.

    No doubt about Affiliate Marketing an Easy Online Business Startup.

    Affiliate marketing is a popular way of earning money online by promoting someone else’s products on your website. It’s a great way to make money with little bit investment and it also means you don’t have to carry any stock, make a list of customers, or create any products. You just have to write about the product and send people to the merchant’s website where they can buy it.

    There are a lot of people who dream to make money online and start their own business, but they don’t know how to come up with a good idea.

    This article will present many online business ideas which are proven and easy to start, so you can make some money right away and enjoy this experience.

  5. Hi James Collins
    Thanks for sharing easy online business Startup ideas. During the pandemic lockdown it was very difficult to arrange daily use items and the basic amenities. Thanks to online business that many startup companies popped out to save us from the hassle of arranging daily utility items. Your idea of affiliate marketing appears to be a good choice to start online startup. By consistent efforts on learning and taking up the training seriously can definitely help in building a strong business start up.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

  6. Thank you for this expanded article on what startups are, as I was just wondering about that. I would like to do something from home, but couldn’t figure it out what I could do or where to start. I think that I’m going for affiliate marketing, after reading everything, as it seems easy, and I hope it is! Thanks!

    • Affiliate marketing takes a lot of concentrated effort, but there isn’t very much expense involved. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  7. As a start up business model, affliate marketing has the most potential in order to build a business without huge amounts of upfront investment. The biggest problem, I see, however, is the fact that it will require musch time and effort to be applied consistently without any reward or renumeration until the business can get to the point of generating money. Many people give up along the way becasuse stamina and persistence are what is absolutely needed for success and it is necessary to remain hopeful and determined before any success can happen. This is why many fail because with the reality of life you must be able to provide for your family and work other jobs until such success is acheived.

    • That is so true.  I looked at affiliate marketing as a part-time second job for a long time when my days with filled with full time work to support the family.  It can take awhile.  Thanks for reading and commenting.

  8. Entrepreneurs are people who are constantly looking for opportunities to start a new business. And there are not many such people. Some of them come up with new business ideas on their own while others are suggested by others.

    Most of these business opportunities, as good as they sound, experience total ruin due to expensive rents, slow business growth and low profit margins. Online business or, more precisely, online sales can be very attractive for entrepreneurs because it does not encounter obstacles that are common for traditional sales.

    • Some people think that online business means no work.  It is a different type of work, but it sure is work.  Thanks for your comment.

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