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Wealthy Affiliate Tools Tour



Click Start

You are registered with Wealthy Affiliate (WA).  You have given your name and email address.  You entered a password, made up a user name and clicked “create a new account“.  Next, you see a vague image of a page and a  box asking you to click for a Wealthy Affiliate tools tour.

That’s not  exactly what the box says, but that’s what you do next …… click Start.

Click Next 

When you click “start”, you see a box with 5 colored links.

Each link opens the WA tool box to you as your Starter Membership begins.  YOSEMITE

             These link will help you track your activity in WA, take courses, enjoy live chat live,work on your websites and take auxiliary courses


When you click next, you will see the WA information bar.





When you click next, you go to the WA search bar.  Your name in the bar encourages you to as for help.

With thousands of experts in WA with you, you will get answers to you questions wherever you ask them.

After Your Wealthy Affiliate Tools Tour, You Begin


A great place to start is completing your account information.  Click the silhouette at the top right of the page.  Add a picture to represent you in the WA community.

Join the live chat to introduce yourself.

Click on each information button.

Check out all the information on the left side of the page below the colored links.

As you take your tour and explore the home page, you will see that WA provides everything you need to create a website and become an Affiliate Marketer.

Begin you Starter Course at the green link.

Please enter your thoughts on this page in the comment section below.  What will be the subject of your website?  Do you have a website?  Do you have business experience?