Affiliate Marketing Training

Affiliate Marketing training is important
In affiliate marketing, a retailer pays commissions for sales made through referrals.  Affiliate marketing training teaches how to create a website and set up affiliate relationship with retailers so that anyone can be an affiliate marketer…. even you.   My pick for the best affiliate marketing training is Wealthy Affiliate.

Who Are Affiliate Marketers?

Many are YouTubers who talk about products links in their videos.    Popular websites like Yahoo and Google are affiliate marketers when they show popup adds for random products.  Type a topic into your web browser.  Chances are the site that comes up will have some form of  affiliate marketing.  For that reason, affiliate marketing is a great way to create an unlimited income online. Wealthy affiliate starts here

An Affiliate Marketer:

Earning through a website is fun.

  1. creates their own online business.
  2. is the boss.
  3. sets their work schedule.
  4. earns 100% of commissions.
  5. has unlimited earning potential.
  6. has a world wide customer base

An Affiliate Marketer does not:

affiliate marketing training makes you the boss

  1.  have a boss.
  2. need inventory.
  3.  ship products.
  4.  deal with returns.
  5.  worry about quality control.
  6.  have overhead costs except for web hosting.
  7.  accept payment for products.

click on an image to purchase something

What is Affiliate Marketing Training

A quick search of the words “affiliate marketing” will show lots of training courses.

Affiliate Marketings Training should teach you how to ….

  • create your platform for affiliate marketing

Each training course will focus on a way to present affiliate products.  For example, one program may teach how to use YouTube for affiliate marketing while another might emphasize Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.  Again, a website is the best platform to offer variety and detail while linking to other platforms. Therefore,  a good training course will teach you how to create an exciting website and offer the tools and support to do that.

  • write content for your website related to affiliate products

For example, someone who loves to bake may have a website on desserts.  Affiliate products such as mixers, utensils, pans etc. would be the affiliate products marketed.  In that case, instructions on creating a dessert would become the content of a website post with images of products being used.  Your hobby, passion or cause becomes the content of your website.  A good training course will help you create good content.

  • create an income on your website by building affiliate relationships with retailers

Your will content describe how to use items or evaluate and compare products.  For that reason, a good affiliate marketing training program will help you identify retailers selling products related to your content with affiliate programs offering commissions as you create referral sales on your website.

  • attract customers

“There are 5.00 billion internet users in the world today.” ( As well, Google estimates that there are about 1.6 billion websites on the internet with about 15% active daily.  Because of this activity, a good affiliate marketing training program will teach you how to attract and retain customers while converting their website visits into affiliate sales.

Benefits of Good Affiliate Marketing Training

Good Affiliate Marketing Training should offer good training courses. 

Below are the 10 Wealthy Affiliate Starter Courses.   There are dozen of other courses.
classes are the heart of affiliate marketing training

A training program should offer great 24/7  support.

Wealthy Affiliate has several kinds of quick, knowledge support.

support is important in wealthy affiliate training

Good Affiliate Marketing Training should have great tools.

Wealthy Affiliate usesWord Press and access to Jaxxy Keyword Search

keywords are described in affiliate marketing training

A training program should offer a way for participants to encourage each other.

Wealthy Affiliate offers website information posts and live chat.

affiliate marketing training teaches how to use blogs

Most importantly, a good training program should offer a completely free trail.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers two free websites and 10 free training lessons as a trail for the program.  So, start your free membership today by clicking below.  Simply register with your name, email, choose an icon and seta financial goal.  Take the starter lessons and become an affiliate marketer.


this affiliate marketing training is free

affiliate marketing training is fun and easy

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