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Ecommerce is growing daily.  CB Real Estate reports that about 17% of retail sales world wide were through ecommerce in 2021.  They estimate that total ecommerce sales were about $875 billion.  People world wide want to cash in and why not?  Starting an online business like starting a brick and mortar retail business.  It just take different skills.  So, people are looking for an ecommerce course online that will help them create and build an online business.  This article will suggest an online ecommerce course.

this is an ecommerce online course

What is Ecommerce?

an ecommerce course online goes around the worldA Google Search for an ecommerce course online produces dozens of results.  Google defines ecommerce as any kind of customer to business or business to business relationship on the internet.  Most people are interested in a business to customer relationship.  They want to sell something to someone or offer a service.



There are 5 “must haves”  in ecommerce.

  • a product or serviceseniors can take a ecommerce course online
  • a website to offer that product or service
  • traffic to the website
  • a system for payment
  • a system for delivery and return

Remember Google’s definition of ecommerce?   One definition is a customer to business relationship.  It is quite simple.  A customer is looking for a product or service and a business supplies that product or service.  In a traditional business, the customer would walk into a store to purchase the product or into an office for the service.  However, in ecommerce, the customer looks online for the desired product or service.

Pick an item or a service.  Enter it into a browser.  Someone will be offering it online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

A successful business has all five of the “must haves” in place.  Naturally, a traditional business moving online adapts these systems to the internet.  As well, the average person hoping to set up an ecommerce business needs all five.

Affiliate marketing is a business model that takes advantage of existing experience and systems when a new business is set up.  Actually, an affiliate marketer creates some of the “must haves” and borrows others by becoming an associate of an existing business.  That business already has a product, a delivery system and a payment system.  Amazingly enough, the affiliate marketer can use these systems and receive a commission at the same time.  An affiliate marketer just has to create a way to present products to the public.

Who Teaches an Affiliate Marketing Ecommerce Course Online

Even figuring out a way to present products to the public on the internet can be difficult.  Figuring out how to get people to look at the products and buy is another another problem.   Fortunately, there are lots of programs online teaching affiliate marketing.  Of course, a person could check out every program for course content, staff support, technical support, cost and membership interaction.  But, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, I am going to suggest a program for you to try. Wealthy Affiliate teaches everything necessary to become an affiliate marketer.  WA offers an introductory program to learn about affiliate marketing by creating and monetizing a free website.  WA also offers a premium program with a 24 hours tech support, private chat for personal support, in house blogging to answer questions, dozens of video training sessions as well as live training sessions.

Here is a chart explaining the two program levels.

Who Try An Affiliate Marketing Ecommerce Course Online

Anyone who wants to have their own online business should try affiliate marketing.  Everyone knows how it works.  Google, Yahoo and lots of YouTubers market affiliate products earning commissions.  Even the Today Show states that they are affiliates of certain companies whose products that they demonstrate on TV.

To try Wealthy Affiliate, you register with your name, email and a password.  You are also asked to add a picture or an icon to show you aren’t a bot.  Lastly, you are asked to think set earning goals.  That’s it.

After you register, you:

  1. take an introductory tour of the Wealthy Affiliate site.
  2. work through several levels of video courses.
  3. complete related practical work.
  4. choose a domain name.
  5. create your own website.
  6.  learn how to monetize your site.
  7. become an affiliate market

If affiliate marketing isn’t for you, you simply stop.  You keep the website and continue to use the parts of Wealthy Affiliate open to you.  If you want to try a month with all of the WA tools and support, there is a special rate offered within the first week.   There is a significant discount you decide to work with the program for a year.  It costs money to go to work these days.   Affiliate marketing offers the chance to be your own boss and work at home.

Give it A Try Now!

this is a starter ecommerce course

this is an ecommerce affiliate disclorsure







20 thoughts on “Ecommerce Course Online Free Trial

  1. I actually came to the online field in 2019. At that time I got a lot of scam program without knowing anything about it and wasted my money. But I found Wealthy Affiliate in mid 2020. That’s where I really learned to make money the right way. Actually today I earn money from wealthy affiliate. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate to everyone.

  2. With so many more people shopping online, many people want to start an online business or ecommerce store. Getting training on how to start, is always a good idea. And being able to start for free, is even better. Most people wanting to start a business, do not have a high budget, so starting for free is fantastic. 

    Does Wealthy Affiliate have a specific course on ecommerce and how to set up an online store? Or is it more general affiliate marketing training that one gets? Thank you.

    • WA is primarily about affiliate marketing which is one form of ecommerce.  There are courses on setting up an estore and creating traffic, etc.  Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. I have been trying to get an income with affiliate marketing for quite some time now, but except from some income here and there, I can hardly get a minimum income at all. I hope that by following this course from Wealthy affiliate I will make some more money. Are many people successful while doing this course? thanks

    • There are many factors that go together to create success in affiliate marketing.  However, if the WA training is followed and the practical work done as suggested, most people (I think) make money.  As with any new job, it takes time to learn and get right.  Thanks for reading and commenting.

  4. I definitely prefer the affiliate marketing model as you can promote many different things. E-commerce is great if you sell a specific product and by going online you expand your reach. 

    Either way learning to market online is an invaluable skill that everyone should learn how to do in todays fast paced world. 

  5. So many people shop online so why not start an online business to make extra cash? It’s a great way to make extra money or even make a living. However I find its important to do research and get training before starting. This way one has an idea of what it takes to be successful. For me Wealthy Affiliate it’s a great platform so helpful. I highly suggest if wanting to start an online business. Thanks so much for sharing. 

    • I agree.  WA offers amazing, practical training.  Thanks for reading this article and commenting.

  6. Hi James

    Wealthy Affiliate is without doubt the best affiliate marketing platform out there! I was in two frames of leaving at one point as I thought I had found a better affiliate marketing platform and couldn’t afford to pay for both platforms. I’m so glad I didn’t leave as it turned out the other platform wasn’t as great! 

    Wealthy Affiliate has the quickest response time in terms of support and tons of training available for newbies and seasoned users.

    Great article!

    peace & blessings


    • Hi, Teresa.  I looked at different programs and choose WA based on the extensive library of video lessons but also on the way members share their expertise.  I didn’t know about the great tech support when I began, but it is one of the best features.  Thanks for your comment.

  7. Thank you for providing a legit way of building your online business.

    This blog has really important info and logic built-in to start a potential successful online venture.

    Wealthy Affiliate offers you truly essential education in this highly competitive world at a reasonably low cost.

    It has testimonials of many highly successful people who have put hard and consistent effort to make things happen in life.

    It is never a get-rich-quick scheme as advertised by the founder.

    Start your trial free and see if you want to upgrade to unlock the complete system.

    • You have made a good point.  It’s not a get rich quick program.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  8. Affiliate marketing is a business model that rewards website owners for promoting products, services, or brands. The advertiser pays the affiliate a commission for each product bought via their link. Affiliates typically receive far more traffic and new customers from their respective advertisements than they would from any direct sales to customers. This Wealthy Affiliate is a great to start for people who wants to earn money online. I have been in a wealthy affiliate for more than a year and it’s a great website for learning affiliate marketing.

  9. I am a firm believer in the power of learning and acquiring knowledge, and Wealthy Affiliate has done just that. I started my affiliate business with them and following all the training they provided, I also had the opportunity of creating my e-commerce space alongside my affiliate marketing website. It has been quite a journey – a bit difficult I’m not going to lie, but what things in life come easy? 

  10. Thanks to you James for providing the information,it has really shown the difference between affiliate marketing and e-commerce. Sincerely speaking I also do prefer affiliate marketing (wealthy affiliate). Sure I have searched for so long on how to get income online but most are not legit,but getting to know about WA it has been really helpful even if I’m just a new member I have learnt a lot more of affiliate marketing,all thanks to WA.

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