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Talk to Santa is a holiday affiliate program

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Would you like to own an online business.? One type of online business the possibility of a good income is Affiliate Marketing.  Affiliate Marketers affiliate or partner with companies to market products for that company.   People earn through commissions for each sale.  Many companies offer seasonal specials for the holidays.  Elf Owen described a holiday affiliate program.

For details on how to Talk to Santa, just click on this picture.

Talking to Santa – A Holiday Affiliate Program

Talk to Santa is a wonderful way for families to book a video chat with Santa at the North Pole.  Talk to Santa has a free, easy to use affiliate program that anyone can easily join.  Because Talk to Santa can be accessed anywhere in the world, families separated by COVID 19 are coming together through this video chat with Santa.

Visiting Santa – A Holiday Tradition

This is the reason for this holiday affiliate program

Visiting Santa to tell him what you want for Christmas has been a tradition for decades.  I remember being so excited that I couldn’t wait to see Santa, but then terrified when my turn came.  Sometimes I even got the present I asked Santa for.

Things are different this year.  We can see Santa, but can’t talk to him in person.

The Talk to Santa program helps around the world talk to Santa, or Mrs. Claus, in a video chat and include far away family members.  But with millions of kids wanting to talk to Santa, reserving his time is important.  This is a service that will make the holidays special for families.


Talk to Santa Affiliate Program Details:

      • Its free.
      • Actual $25 signing bonus
      • All marketing materials laid out in campaigns
      • Very User friendly dashboard
      • Actual $25 signing bonus
      • Easy referral tracking
      • Multiple cash out options
      • Actual $25 signing bonus

There are only 3 weeks life until Christmas.  Get in on this amazing affiliate opportunity whether your are a novice affiliate marketer or have years of experience.


Does earning a commission as an affiliate marketer sound good to you?

  • Be your own boss.
  • Work from home.
  • Be in complete control of your work time.
  • You can learn a new skill and have fun doing it.
  • Your online business can be about anything that interests you.
  • There won’t be any inventory to buy.
  • You won’t have to handle money.
  • You will keep every $ you earn.

Give it a try.  Don’t know how?  Wealthy Affiliate has made it possible for you to get started for by giving you a free website and 10 free affiliate marketing lessons.  Give yourself an early Christmas present.  Try affiliate marketing.   To get started, just click on this banner NS give your name, an email address and a password.  


14 thoughts on “Easy Holiday Affiliate Program

  1. Quite an interesting one you have dropped here. I like what has been shwed here about this niche and for anyone within the area would really value it because this is like the best period that most things can be marketed to people to really get them enticed enough to get entangled in them. What you shared is just great to see. Thanks for sharing here

    • I got involved primarily because of my grandkids and its turned out really well as an affiliate program.  Thanks for your comments.

  2. This is mind-blowing. Missing out on the chance of being a kid to enjoy the luxury of taking to Santa online, I am happy that I still get the chance as an adult to be part of the affiliate program for the talking to Santa online concept. This is really exciting for me. And I must say the affiliate program looks very interesting and nice.

    • I hope, if you sign on, that it works for you as it has for me.  I got involved mostly because of grandchildren and it turns out to be a great affiliate program.

  3. Knowing about the talk to Santa online concept was nice, but now knowing of the affiliate program for the same talk to Santa online affiliate program is nicer. This will be of great way for making an income drying the Christmas period while working with Santa and putting smiles of the faces of children. I am so interested in this.

    • I got interested because of grandchildren.  It turned out to be a great affiliate program.  Just click the santa picture to join.  Have fun.  Thanks for commenting.

  4. This is a very novelty way of affiliate marketing that I have came across! First of all, I have never thought of a service (from a business point of view) to have video chats with Santa. I am only wondering about timezone difference. I presume this business is mainly in US? Santa will be tired talking to children in Asia? But what’s even more interesting is that there is also an affiliate program. I wonder which niche is suitable to promote this?

    • The program is world wide… Santa has a great team!  I have put it in a niche for grandparents for the short holiday window.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  5. It’s very important that we do something really worth while with our time this holiday, it’s good to have fun but amidst all the fun, make sure you earn money. There are lots of opportunities that we can benefit from and it’s very thoughtful of you to share this here and I’ll share it to my cousins.

  6. Hello James. Today was my first time hearing of this, Saw it on a blog, was pretty excited. Whoever thought of this business idea really is creative. Really fun way to make money while helping Kids have a fun Christmas celebration. I strongly remembered how exciting it was to meet Santa Claus when I was a kid, In midst of this pandemic; glad to know there is still a way to keep kids happy

  7. This is  a very good post that you have shared here on your website and I think that it is very wonderful that you have given this kind of information. Everything you shared here is very good and I would b looking to give this a try as well. Thank you very much for this information.

    • It’s fun and the easiest affiliate program I have participated in.  Have a great holiday.  Thanks for your comment.

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