Building Wealth Leveraging Wealthy Affiliate

Would you like to learn about building wealth and while you build wealth?  Wealthy Affiliate  does both at the same time. The  program has 10 free lessons on creating an online business for building wealth. It provides a free website with a domain name you choose.  It also offers commissions if you bring other people to the program.  Check it out below.

Building Wealth as an Affiliate Marketer

What is an Affiliate?

The Google Dictionary defines “affiliate” as: “…a person or organization officially attached to a larger body.”  So as an affiliate, you would be officially attached to a company or organization.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to become an affiliate of hundreds of different companies.  WA also teaches you how to choose the companies best for you.

When You Become an Affiliate:

Organization helps buildng wealth

Be sure to have all your ducks in a row.

  • Pick companies you know.  You will feel more comfortable with familiar companies.
  • Choose companies that interest you.  If you don’t know the company, it should interest you.
  • Learn the requirements and restrictions of the affiliate relationship.  Companies may have participation requirements.  Others may not allow you to be an affiliate and a customer.
  • Know the affiliate compensation plan.  How much commission will you earn?
  • Understand the company’s customers.  Who does business with the company?
  • Research the company background.  Who are the founders? How old is the company?
  • Focus on one company at a time.  Learn the ropes with one company before joining another.

What is a Marketer?

the internet helps with building wealth.

WWW. is you door to billions of customers.

The Google Dictionary defines a “marketer” as: … one that promotes or sells a product or service.”   People say, “He markets real estate.”  As it happens, I market fishing equipment.

When you become a marketer:

  • Know Your Product.  You should be able to answer questions about your product.
  • Understand Your Customers.  This will help you know how to present your product.
  • Use all Your Sales Tools.  Wealthy Affiliate has lots of tools and training on those tools.
  • Be Consistent.  Whatever you decide is the best way to present your product, be consistent.
  • Be Honest.  Don’t promise, hint at or write things that aren’t true.  Integrity is important.

An Affiliate Marketer is: officially attached to a larger body to promote or sell a product or service.

Examples of affiliate marketing:;;  Anytime a business markets the products of another business, they are affiliate marketing.  When a product is sold through a site, that site receives a commission.  For a small, home, online business, this means no inventory.

The Wealthy Affiliate Affiliate Program

One of the highest commission percentages online today, the WA affiliate program pays:

  • $1 every time someone registers for the free start up program.
  • $8.50 when someone purchases the first month of the premium program for $19.
  • $22.50 for every purchase of the $49 premium program.
  • $175 for the yearly program or an annual renewal.

A few WA stats:

  • 1 in 8 referrals buys a premium membership.
  • The average person stays 6 months = $1+$8.50+$135 = $144.50
  • Many people convert to the annual to save money. You earn $175.

Minimally, this is a great way to pay for your own WA program and potentially earn a great deal more.

Registering with Wealthy Affiliate is Easy & Free

You simply register with your name, email address and an account password.  You will be asked to choose an icon or upload a picture to prove that you aren’t a bot.  Next, you will be asked to set some monetary goals.  Once done, you can choose your free domain name and begin the 10 free video lessons.  You will quickly create an affiliate marketing website and prepare to earn.  Your website will be indexed on google and you’re on your way.

You don’t need any experience with web design, online sales or writing.  WA leads you through the process and provides all the tools.   You are an affiliate marketer.




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  1. Thanks for this very educating article. One thing I like most about this article is the fact that you made the concept of affiliate marketing even more understandable by explaining affiliate and marketing respectively. Talking about Wealthy Affiliate, you are not far from the truth. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best affiliate marketing program out there. I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate program, and I assure that I am being. There’s a lot to gain, learn and benefit from the Wealthy Affiliate program.

    • Kelvin.  Thanks for taking the time to read my article and to write your comment.  All the best as you move forward with WA.

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