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Building income is a major goal for most us.  We hope that our income will provide for our families and last for a lifetime. 

Income Defined

Income is “money received, especially on a regular basis, for work or through investments.”  

building income through affiliate marketing

The definition of building income does not adequately explain what income is to you and me.  Income is food, transportation, entertainment, medical care, housing, clothing, education…… and on an on.  The word means money coming in from work done, interest paid or possibly even, from illegal activity.

 Income Out 

The phrase, “Hand to Mouth” describes using all of income, immediately, to live.  “Savings” means that some amount of income can be set aside for the future.  “Investment” is that income can be used to try and make more income.  An “extravagant lifestyle” is the exact opposite of hand to mouth.  Whether or not income is adequate, it is spent lavishly and without thought.

Our income puts most of us are somewhere between the two extremes.   Building income is a dream.  Less spending is the reality.

What is Wealth

Abundance of Money

Wealth is “an abundance of valuable possessions or money.”

Everyone hopes to find that this definition applies to something in their lives.  Some hope for an abundance of happy or the wealth of good health.  Most of us hope for an abundance of money.

How I create an abundance of money for living?

More work adds income, but there are only so many hours in a day.  Higher pay can certainly boost income, but usually that is something that we can’t control. Winning in Las Vegas or with a lottery ticket can instantly change income, but not likely to happen.

To build abundance, we need to increase work hours while increasing our pay.  Is that possible?


Today, the world a market place open to anyone with a passion or an idea.

building income through affiliate marketing

Building Income Online

What is Your Passion, Interest or Expertise?

Think about a passion of yours or a subject that you know well.  Could you tell others about that passion?  Are there products related to the subject. Could that passion become a way of building income online.

Suppose you loved to fish.  Could you tell people how you fish or where you fish?  Could you explain what fishing equipment you use?  Could you think of products that are sold online that relate to fishing.   Fishing could be your online business.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing combines your passion, your interest with commissions you earn by pointing people to products related to your interest.  If your interest is fishing, you point people to lures, boats, rods and reels.

You create a website to combining fishing with links to fishing products. You become an affiliate of retailers who want their products on your website.

Look at your favorite websites.  You’ll see an ad for something related to the site.  This is affiliate marketing, how that site earns income.

building income through affiliate marketing


Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate, a hosting site that educates and supports affiliate marketers, offers a free Starter Program with 2 free websites and 2 free courses on building websites and affiliate marketing.

You can combine your passion and affiliate marketing to build an abundance of money for living.


What did you learn from this page?  Write you comments below.   Do you have business experience? What interest could be an online business for you?

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