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For more than 10 years, Wealthy Affiliate has attracted people, from all over the world, offering  hope of wealth  through an internet, affiliate marketing business.  scamming or helpingWith this little banner, Wealthy affiliate is either scamming or helping people.

I decided to find out which is true.

Wealthy Affiliate Facts

Purpose:        Web Hosting; Affiliate Marketing Education    

                  Members:      600,000 plus          

    Options:         Starter Package – Free;  Premium  – $49/mont  



I Want to Know – Scamming or Helping

After stumbling on a few random reviews of Wealthy Affiliate, I decided to find out for myself if the site was a scam.  A few reviews expressed disappointment with program results while other review were thrilled.

What Does the Name Mean?

My first step was to understand the name “Wealthy Affiliate.”  Wealthy made me think of lots of money….. being rich.  I didn’t understand how “affiliate” fit.

I learned that affiliate referred to affiliate marketing.   It means being officially linked with a store to show their products on your website to earn commissions.   I remembered seeing ads on lots of sites.

As an affiliate marketer, I could earn commissions by inviting people to buy from any store to which I was an affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to develop a personal affiliate marketing business.


Registration was easy.  I only gave my name, email address and a password.    registration-formNo credit card was required.

A short tour of the Wealthy Affiliate site was next.  Although the site looked intimidating,  I wanted to learn more.

Start Here

After looking around the site, I clicked on the “Getting Started” button.  This opened a window with a written and a video course.  I found that there were ten lessons.  All of them were easy to follow. In one, I chose a subject for my website.  In another, I chose a website theme.  I know the courses were legit because I learned something and had a website by the tenth course.


What’s Next?

Lesson 10 explained the t premium membership.  I thought, “Here it comes.” It turned out that the premium membership was $49/ month.  This seemed to be a reasonable price for websites, lessons, tools and support.  I didn’t sign up.

It was fun to see my free website on the internet.  I couldn’t ask questions after a few days or go to the live chat because I wasn’t a premium member.  I decided  to pay the premium membership for one month.

After the month, I was convinced that Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing was for me..  I had questions answered, learned from others members and took more lessons.  To save money, I  paid for a year of the premium membership.

Making a Decision

Not A Scam

I decided after the “Start Here” course, that Wealthy Affiliate is not scamming anyone.  I listed Pros and Cons to help me make a decision staying at about the Wealthy Affiliate.



                   Free Starter Membership                        Premium  $49/month

                   Good Trainings                                        Unfamiliar Terminology

                   Access to Word Press                             Starter Member Restrictions

                   Live Chat for Questions                         No Guarantee to Make Money          

                   Membership Shares Expertise

                   Free Referral Tools

                   Free Keyword Search

                   Personal Support from Ownership

                   Live Webinar Trainings   

                   In House Ranking System  

                   Personal Account Page (check out my page)

                   Instruction on Affiliate Marketing 


Premium Membership

For me, Pros far outweighed Cons. So, I became a Premium Member.  I decided to work at what I learned in the Wealthy Affiliate lessons so I bought a year’s premium membership.  I have developed two websites besides this one.   Because I love fishing.

http:// diagnosis –   For people with this syndrome.

My sites are a lot of work, but a lot fun.  Wealthy Affiliate did not scam me but helped me do something I really enjoy.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate for?

Wealthy Affiliate is for everyone.  Some people want  financial freedom.  Others want a little more income.  Still others want to inform the world about their passion.

Anyone can use Wealthy Affiliate tools, training and support.


College students and retirees, business owners and workers learn through Wealthy Affiliate.

People from all over the world share the Wealthy Affiliate experience.

Make a Decision – Scamming or Helping

My suggestion is to experience the Free Starter Membership. Take the lessons and create a website.  Then, make your decision.  That’s what I did.


Wealthy Affiliate University

Take a few moments to share your thoughts about what you read on this page by writing in the comment section.  Have you joined other online programs? What was your experience?  Do you have an idea for a website?  Would you like to earn though Affiliate Marketing.

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