Passion Equals Internet Business

I love to fish.  For me, its a passion.  When I learned that I could build an internet business around fishing, I got excited.  Running a business is fun when its a passion.

Affiliate Marketing & Your Passion

What is It?

Affiliate marketing is a popular internet business model.  For example, an affiliate of Camping World can earn commissions by advertising Camping World products.  A banner like this one links to Camping World Online.

Camping World supports a passion

How Much Does Being an Affiliate Cost?

In most cases, being an affiliate partner does not cost anything.  Each store that sets theie own commission rate for affiliate partnerships… between 8% -20%.

How Do I Become an Affiliate? affiliate-directory

On the  retailer’s home page, find the affiliate program link.  Follow that link to set up the partnership.

←    an affiliate partnership

If there is no link, that retailer does not use affiliates.  Some retailers use  3rd party sites to screen requests. An affiliate partner access links and banners or products and specials.  Links are simply copied onto a website.

Affiliate University

Are There Courses in Affiliate Marketing?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a web hosting site offering courses in Affiliate Marketing.  These courses cover everything from creating a website to creating traffic to the site.  There is a free Starter Membership Course of 10 Lessons.

building-traffic to my passion

How Do I Run an Affiliate Marketing Business?

WA provides tools to develop your online business.  WA members teach about dozens of online tools for running  your business.  All questions are answered.

website-tool for my passion   This link opens a person of Word Press.  Its a power too for creating and managing your website.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost?

The Starter Membership is free.  It gives you 2 free websites and 10 lessons.  You also have access to many of the WA tools.  A premium membership costs as little as $25 monthly.  You have access to all WA tools.
internet marketing is my passion

Your Passion 

Ask Yourself these Questions.

  • Do you have an interest or passions?
  • Would others have the same passion?
  • Could you write about your passion?
  • Are some products related to your passion?
  • Would you like extra income?
  • Would you test your passion online for free?

If you answered yes to 3 of these questions, give the WA Starter program a try.

Make a List.

  • List your 3 main interests or passions.
  • Under each, list what is interesting.
  • Next to each interesting thing, write one related product.

You have just written the rationale for an internet, affiliate marketing business.

If you listed a life long interest, you have had years to become an expert.  You can share that expertise with others of the same interest.

Free starter membership builds passion

Take a few moments to share your thoughts about what you read on this page in the comment section below.  Do you think that, with help, you could be an affiliate marketing business around one of your interests?  Share a comment on which your interests has possibilities.

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