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Google the words “financial freedom.”  There are lots of sites that promise quick wealth and easy money.


Easy Money

“Twelve Easy Steps to Financial Freedom”, “Nine Ways to Build Wealth Fast” and “A Ridiculously Simple Way to Build Wealth” are just a few.

No Easy Money

Some sites offer advice on using money.  Some reveal the wealth building secrets of millionaires or offer money making plans for a small investment.  Unless you win the lottery or inherit money, you have to earn your money.

easy money or earnings

Earn It

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) will teach you a realistic way to earn income online called “affiliate marketing.”  You will earn commissions by linking website visitors to retailers.  What exactly does that mean?

no easy money

Take a look at: http://fishingluremart.com  … my internet business   Click on a lure.  That’s affiliate marketing.

Earned Money

Start Your Internet Business

You can start an internet business on any subject by doing 3 things.

  1. Create and maintain a website.
  2. Establish affiliate relationships.
  3. Market your website.

WA helps you do all three by providing:

  • Lessons in website creation, affiliate marketing, site ranking & marketing.
  • Tools  like Word Press, Keyword Tool, Rapid Writer, Live Chat, question protocol, tech support, referral tracking,  free websites, web hosting and tools-red not for easy moneywebsite comments and feedback.
  • Community through live chat, blog posts, private messaging, classroom discussions and the WA ranking system.

Build Your Internet Business

You can build an business.   You can “earn.”  Here are some “words to earn by.”

Learn, Do, Write, Ask, Think, Change, Create, Choose, Try, Persevere, Receive

WA is not a gimmick.  It’s a site that teaches you how to earn an income.  Earning may take awhile, but you can start your business today.  A free Starter Membership provides 2  domain names and 10 lessons on creating a business.

Give yourself a gift.  Give yourself a Wealthy Affiliate Starter Membership.

Take a moment to share you thoughts on this page in the comment section below.   Would you like to earn extra money?  Would you want to start an internet business?

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