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Buy Bitcoin!  Good advice that brings up two obvious questions. “What is Bitcoin?” and  “Where can I buy bitcoins?”

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of crypto currency.  buy bitcoinhref=””>Cryptocurrency is digital currency that can be acquired online, used as payment online and converted into traditional currency.  The value of Bitcoin goes up and down much like gold or silver.  Value depends on how many people are buying at what price. People buy and sell fractions or pieces of a Bitcoin.  For as little as $10, you can buy Bitcoin and begin building a fortune.

For Example

Do some research to understand the bitcoin exchange rate before asking how or where to buy Bitcoins.

Questions and Quick Answers.

  • Q: How is Bitcoin different from a bank?   A: All currency is e-currency or cryptocurrency.
  • Q: Can I use a credit card to buy Bitcoin?  A: No. Purchases are made with cash or equivalent.
  • Q: What are the fees for buying Bitcoin? A: You pay cents on each $ you buy just once.
  • Q:  How much will I make on Bitcoin?  A: Check the example in the box above.
  • Q: Is Bitcoin safe? A: Bitcoin is a secure currency.
  • Q: Will I make money with Bitcoin?  A: The value can vary from day to day.
  • Q: How is Bitcoin converted into regular currency.  A: Most often through gift cards.
  • Q:  Can I sell my Bitcoin? A: Yes, you can sell Bitcoin whenever you want to sell.

Where Can I Buy Bitcoin?

You can buy Bitcoin, on this page,  by entering an amount in the Bitcoin banner in the side bar.  Then, click “Continue.”  Or, you can set up your own website through Wealthy Affiliate and buy Bitcoin at your own site and earn a commission as an affiliate.   An affiliate site allows other websites to direct visitors to their online products.  This is called affiliate marketing.  As an affiliate marketer, you can market any product, to anyone in the world, for any company that allows affiliate marketing.

Steps to Buy Bitcoin At this Site

The banner is for Paxful.  Paxful is a site where people sell Bitcoin.  Sales are made person to person. No bank, broker or website is involved in the sale.   The basic steps to purchasing are listed below

  1.  Enter the amount you want to spend and then click “continue.”
  2.  Choose a payment method.
  3.  Choose an offer and hit “Buy.”  Be sure to compare the cost /dollar of all offers .
  4.  Review the offer and hit “Confirm.”
  5.  Pay for your Bitcoin according to instructions.
  6.  Verify Bitcoin in your “wallet”.

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Take a moment to share you thoughts on this page in the comment section below.  Did you know about Bitcoin before reading this blog?  Have you purchased Bitcoin?



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