Wealthy Affiliate Secrets Revealed

Wealthy Affiliate has been the most questioned business development plan on the internet. Finally, members are revealing whether WA is an MLM, a Network Marketing Scheme or a great idea.  Now, information is coming out about affiliate marketing and its impact online.  Is WA really a business training site or is it a scam?  The truth about the Wealthy Affiliate hype will shock you.  Read more or click the

At Wealthy Affiliate

Members report that there is no multi level marketing.

No recruiting with Wealthy Affiliate.

There are just customers all over the world.

Wealthy Affiliate helps bring customers to your site.

And Thousands of Stores Looking for Customers

wealthy affiliate is about the affiliate marketing business.

Free Starter Program Revealed?

WA gives you the chance a business for free.  20 free lessons teach you how to build a business with your 2 free websites that brings customers to the stores you choose so you can earn commissions.  You have nothing to loose.

 Click below to claim your free website. No credit card needed.

Wealthy Affiliate forms

Click below to check out your 10 Free Starter Lessons .

Finish those 10 Lessons and get 10 more free lessons to fire up your business.


WA offers an Advanced Membership if you want to move beyond the Starter Membership.


You never have to purchase anything at WA to start and operate your business with your free websites.  But, upgrading to the Premium Membership gives you unlimited  access to all WA tools, live chat and over 100 video tutorials.  Compare the Starter Membership to the Premium Membership below.

What’s Your Nicheanimated-question-mark-sign-image-0009

WA helps you create your website on your interest or idea.


Monetize Your Website with Affiliate Marketing.

WA teaches you how to advertise major products to earn commission.

Your website is your business.  WA will teach you how to market your website on the web and in social media.  Hundreds of internet business experts will answer you questions to help you be successful.


Take a moment to share you thoughts in the comment section below.  Are you interested in owning an online business?  What is your idea for a great online business?

Click on the banner below.  This is affiliate marketing.  You can add this banner and hundreds from different stores to your website.  You earn commissions when someone shops through your site.  Companies are happy to have you direct people around the world to their products.

Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC


14 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Secrets Revealed

  1. All that is said about wealthy affiliate is the truth, since I joined had been so much orientated about the platform, and I already plan to create my own website so as yo increase my revenue generation. Wealthy affiliate is know all over the and it has been in operation now for the past 14 years so am having a time of my life here.

  2. So you gotta be kidding me as I am reading this I can sign up for free get a free website and free training on how to use it.  This can’t be true I mean I have been on the search for a way to make money online for awhile now and read a ton of reviews about it.  I haven’t come up with any good ones but here you just told me it’s free.  I am looking into this right now and hope it is what you say.  Now the big question that I have for you is about the free thing as nothing is really free out there in the world.  In the chart about the Wealthy Affiliates company it says it $49 so it really isn’t free?  I’m kinda confused but still interested and hope you can point me in the right direction as this seems to not be a pyramid scheme.  Thank you for the great info and I will check back soon on your reply.


    • That’s a great question. As soon as you register, you are given two websites, the tools to build them free and 10 free video lessons.  These websites are a way for you to try the WA program.  Some of the tools like the live chat, and keywords are not accessible permanently for free.  If the tools interest you, accessing everything WA has to offer is $49/month.  If you don’t think all the tools are necessary, you keep your two free websites and continue to build them through Word Press free of charge.  

  3. Exactly the truth about wealthy affiliate and I totally agree with you here. Wealthy affiliate can really be the perfect way to keep growing in the business online and to also help in developing the much needed skill in affiliate marketing. Thanks so much for sharing this post here and I must say I fancy it a lot

  4. To people like me, WA is like a savior, because when I had no hope of making any success online, Wealthy Affiliate gave me a reason to start over and even better, after I enrolled for the 7 days free trial, I upgraded to premium. Affiliate marketers will find this platform really helpful, i can confirm that. Thanks for sharing it, it’ll help so many people.

  5. Thanks for sharing your views on Wealthy Affiliate. I think that it is an excellent opportunity to learn how online marketing works and to build your own online marketing website (business). 

    I have been a member of WA for two years. First of all, it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. Those things don’t exist. It took me one year to learn how online marketing works through trial and failure. In my second year, I’ve built a foundation for my business, and now I’m starting my third year, where I expect to keep building up and earning more profits. All this would not be possible if I haven’t joined WA. It’s not easy, but it works!

    I just wanted to share my experience and give thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and it’s founders and all people that are involved in this project — highly recommended!

  6. Wealthy affiliate is really worthy of a platform and it can really help in widening one’s scope towards making Money online herem if there is a thing I really like the most here, it is the fact that you clearly stated here that making money online is not an easy thing to do. It requires the right mentality and work ethic towards getting to the apex of earning. Thanks

  7. Its becoming more rampant to see Wealthy affiliate pop up everywhere, this is because of the quality deliver of the company, I’ve read many reviews before I decided to join that confirmed that the company is by far the best online internet marketing platform. It has an atmosphere that makes it easy to learn and grow your business, it’s an opportunity to be a part.

  8. Wealthy Affiliate is neither a pyramid scheme, nor a a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company and not even a get quick rich scheme. I have been a member for some time now and I can tell just like you are sharing right now that Wealthy Affiliate is a no brainer way to get started with Internet Marketing.

    I confidently recommend it as it has been working for me and others.

  9. I love this simplified article, very precise and understandable, it is useful for those who are just getting to know of Wealthy affiliate, as you’ve explained, it helps train and make means of earning online for business owners, most especially online marketers. I like the payment policy, it is very affordable and clear. 

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