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Business for Home, a site for home business owners, says that a home business starts in the U.S. every 12 seconds.   Home business income is about 427 billion yearly.  Because 4 billion people use the internet, 80% is from online income.  So, Wealthy Affiliate helps you get your part of that online income.

WA provides:

  1. A Free Trial with 2 websites and 20 business development lessons.
  2. Technical Support
  3. Personal support through Live Chat
  4. Word Press
  5.  Keyword Search
  6.  Affiliate Links and Banners
  7.  Regular on-going topic specific training
  8.  Website Feedback System
  9. Web hosting

Online Income Business Models

People make businesses successful.

Which Internet Business Model Creates Online Income?

Online Income is a Pot of Gold

Because internet business has limited personal contact, different businesses models offer different ways for customer interaction..  Therefore, choosing the best method is important as you start an internet business.


Affiliate Marketing makes sense as an Internet Business.

  • There is no product development.
  • No inventory is needed.
  • Shipping is done by the distributor.
  • The site does not take payments.
  • Owners receive regular commissions.
  • Potential customers are unlimited.
  • Customers visit a website, but things and leave comments.
  • Affiliate marketing builds passive income.
  • The business owner’s work builds income.

Multi-level Marketing is Mostly Recruiting

MLMs are networks.   Because success depends on the network, talking with people is essential.  Sponsors meet new customers and new recruits.  Group meetings urge new people to begin the business.

  • Income depends on recruiting.
  • Income depends on the commitment of each level.
  • Levels build passive income.

Internet Consumer Surveys Pay Very Little

Surveys require a person Surveys don't help personal interaction.to review various products and services.

  • Income depends on the number of surveys taken.
  • There is no passive or residual income.

Internet Sales Can Require Inventory

There are all three kinds of internet sales.

  • Drop Shipping is selling goods online with the retailer shipping the product.
  • Direct Sales marketers sell a product directly to a customer.
  • Affiliate Marketing works with either of these two.

 Gaming is Fun but Risky

Online gaming covers all types of gaming.

  • Customers pay to play.
  • The business owner collects fees and distributes winnings.
  • Gaming can reate passive income.
  • Because the game is the product, no inventory is necessary.

Live Sales Require Recruiting and Lots of Time

Live sales function through tools like FaceBook.

  • The business owner sells products, live, online.
  • Customers buy while watching online.
  • Although passive income is possible, the live presentation the main way to earn.

Online Business Support


All Online Business Models offer some amount of training and support.

Program Training

Training can include:

  • recruitment techniques.
  • product information.
  • technical support.
  • back office orientation
  • customer service.

Often, when training is over, contact ends to answering.  Wealthy Affiliate provides easy access to program founders, technical support and other community member expertise

Personal Support

MLMs offer personal support through meetings.  Individual support is limited to those in a “downline”.

Because home retail business owners are independent, there is little support.

Affiliate Marketing programs  offer training and support.   Of these programs, only Wealthy Affiliate provides 3 forums for support beyond basic training.

  • Live Chat is available for discussing business and answering questions.
  • WA Blog Posts discuss everything about the business.
  • WA Classrooms are open forums for discussion.

I have tried both MLM and Direct Sales.  For the most part,all of my experiences has been successful.  On the other hand, personal support in both models was lacking.  I found that Wealthy Affiliate offers the personal contact, on going instruction and support needed  to be successful.

Take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate free Starter Program by clicking this banner.

Please comment on this page below.  Do you have a home business?  Have you thought about starting a home business?  Which model would suite you best?




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