Blogging- Learning and Earning

 Blogging is writing a series of articles on a particular subject.  Anyone who writes a blog is a blogger.  Bloggers write about about a cause, an idea, an interest, an event or activity.  Consequently, there are thousands and thousands of blogs and bloggers.

Could You Be A Blogger?

Philip Bump, writing for the Washington Post online, in March of 2015 suggested that there are millions of bloggers in the United States.  However, he points out that it is difficult to arrive at a number because no specific blogging tool is used to carry bloggers to the internet.  Social media allows everyone to be kind of a blogger.

Accidental Blogging

Blogging on social media is usually informal.  People post about an interest or an event a few times.  They soon move on to other topics.  But, they are blogging when they write several posts related to each other.   Is social media the place where you share about things you have done?  Do you tell the world about family events or favorite restaurants?   As you travel, do you document trips.  Do you post about your achievements?   You’re blogger at heart.


Wikipedia defines a blog as, “A blog (a truncation of the expression weblog)[1] is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (“posts”).”

Bloggers write to:

  1. Share their opinions, interests and talents.
  2. Influence others.
  3. Create discussion.
  4. Connect like minded people.
  5. Earn income.

Many bloggers post to their blog several times daily.  This means that the author must be truly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject of the blog.  Everyone has some kind of interest.  Most of us have not thought about sharing that interest with others.

Would you be interested in #s 1 – 4 if you could do #5?

To Be a Blogger, You need:

  • An interest or passion.
  • A Website.
  • A blog hosting site.
  • A blogging program.

To Earn an Income as a Blogger, you need:

  • A Website.
  • A Way to Earn Money on Your Website.
  • The Knowledge to create and run your own business.

Earning an income through a website is calling “monetizing the site.”   Things are added to the site that enable the blogger to earn as people pay while visiting the site.

How do you do that?

Wealthy Affiliate University


Things You Need

You provide the idea for your business.  It can be an interest, or a passion or a youth sports team or a cause.

Wealthy Affiliate provides training that give you all 3 of the things you need to earn income on the internet.

Wealthy Affiliate is a web hosting site that offers in depth training on creating a website and earning an income on the internet.

  1. The Knowledge to create and run your own business.

There are two level of courses at WA.

Certification courses each have 10 video lessons.  That’s 50 lessons.

Affliliate courses also have ten video lessons each.  That’s 70 lessons.  Wealthy Affiliate offers 120 training lessons on everything from choosing a niche to online marketing.

    2.  A Website

You can learn blogging.

The first 10 lessons include all that you need to build your first website.  There’s a lesson that show you how to create a website in 30 seconds.

3.  A Way to Earn Money on Your Website.

Wealthy affiliate teaches you how to use your website to build an income.

You need a website to begin blogging.

Your sites earns you income the same way that Yahoo or AOL or hundreds of other sites earn… affiliate marketing like this.

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Wealthy Affiliate Shows You How.

If you have an interest or a passion, you can create a website and begin earning through affiliate marketing.  Wealthy Affiliate shows you how.

Take a moment to share you thoughts on this page in the comment section below.  What is our passion?  Would you like extra income?

8 thoughts on “Blogging- Learning and Earning

  1. Hi 🙂 I really enjoyed your post. As a blogger myself I remember how difficult it was to get started. I didn’t know where to find all the information about running a website and SEO was really overwhelming to me.
    Wealthy Affiliate really helped me along, it was a safe place where I could learn and ask questions from others with more experience than me in various subjects and help others with my own knowledge about writing in return.
    Even now that I don’t need the guidance so much anymore, I still like to discuss with other bloggers and get some new fresh ideas. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to start making some money online.

    • Thanks for stopping by my site. WA is a great place to continue to learn and consult. I still go over lessons from time to time to refresh things in my mind. My main site is on fishing is which something I really enjoy. Its fun and something I have always wanted to do. You site is beautiful….. peaceful. I appreciated your story. Thanks, again.

  2. This is something I have always been interested in. It has been a dream of mine to start a blog on one of the things I love doing the most and that is grilling. I feel as though I have so much great info to share and really want to help people great wonderful meals with friends and family.

    I have heard about Wealthy Affiliate in the past and the things I have heard have been all positive. A few things I would be interested to know is if they have any type of one on one mentoring for beginners like myself. Is there an active community who are easy to reach and support each other? Lastly, how would you rank their technical support and do they reply quickly?

    • Hi, Patrick thanks for stopping by. I looked at your site. As a person who grills, almost every day, I really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed your writing. I will email you a bit about WA.

  3. Hi There,
    Over the course of a couple of years, I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog. I always seemed to have an excuse for not doing it. The main reason was that I never knew what the heck to blog about. Have you ever had this feeling? I don’t have any big hobbies or special interests so I was stumped.
    Then I ran into Wealthy Affiliate and just ran with the blogging niche and now I couldn’t be happier!

    At first, I was worried that no one would have an interest in the things that I had to say but that was false and now I have five pages ranking very well in the Google charts and even better in Bing!
    This is a great program and I would recommend it to anyone!


    • Thanks so much for stopping by. I had the same thoughts as I started out mostly because blogging was so new to me. I have learned a great deal and have had success with my sites. All the best as you continue on.

  4. I am a fellow blogger, James, but not one to ‘keep a daily log of discreet events’ on social media platforms. I do like to retain my privacy when it comes to my personal life, especially as the great Wide World Web can become quite intrusive, and very quickly too. But I looove the internet as through my websites it gives me the opportunity to share my passions. Just like you here!

    • Thanks for leaving a comment. I am pretty new to this. I have a blog on fishing… as well as one on a medical issue … This one is in the beginning stages, but its interesting to do the research. All the best.

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