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When you accept an invitation, you anticipate doing something new and exciting.

This Invitation Is Something New for You


Support for Something New is Important 

If you accept this invitation to the introductory program at   You will be starting something new.  Are you an experienced website developer or a novice like me.  WA will be something new for you.

I feel comfortable inviting you to WA.

You will have great  community support to help you succeed.  Support is the foundation for success at WA.

Something new at Christmas
Questions Stimulate Support 

Whether exploring the WA dashboard, figuring out the details of Word Press or trying to absorb the content of the Certification and Boot Camp courses, you will have questions.

  • You can ask questions through blog posts.
  • You can ask questions in the classrooms after each lesson.
  • You can ask questions in live chat.
  • You can ask questions at the  support team link.

people helping people at christmas

Every question receives an answer.  Every answer is accessible to the whole WA community.

                                                Support Stimulates Growth

Whether you are an experienced affiliate marketeror a novice, like me, your questions help the entire community grow.

  • Someone may need understand social media.
  • Someone else may need to animate a website. 
  • Another member may learn search ranking.

growing something new


Traffic to your website builds, commissions through your affiliate sales grow as your website points traffic to affiliate product.

  • Content stimulates sales.
  • Growth stimulates content.
  • Support stimulates growth.
  • Questions produce support.
  • Questions lead to income.

As you follow the WA program, several things happen.

  • You will refine your website.
  • Images and ads  you choose will drive affiliate purchases.
  • Your commissions will grow as affiliate purchases increase.

If WA is something new to you, you are not alone.  Following the WA plan, step by step can help you develop your website and start your business.

Please write down your thoughts and share your experience in the comment section of this blog post.

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