Completely New To Me, but Interesting and Fun

I enjoy trying something completely new, even if its unknown.  A new food, new hotel, job new, new friend…. everything new can be exciting.

Creating a Website is Completely New to Me 


creating something completely new online

    I have done many things from laying bricks to setting up a library.  I have built houses and hunted big game, but I had never added a widget  to a website until recently.  In fact, at one point, while I was the director of a company, people congratulated me for managing to correct a spelling error on our company website.  Working with websites is completely new to me.  The word “novice” does not adequately describe my lack of experience in building and managing websites.

Searching the Internet for Something Interesting to Do

Affiliate Marketing

Once retired, I searched the internet for something new and interesting to do.  I focused primarily on free lance writing opportunities, but was not about to ignore any paying positions.finding something completely new online. I saw an ad about turning a personal passion into an internet business through affiliate marketing.  So, I researched affiliate marketing.  It turns out that many retailers allow independent people to sell their products through, what is called, an affiliate relationship.  They provide e marketing materials, the products per sale commissions.

Web Hosting

During my search for something interesting to do, I learned that websites are hosted.  I have had a personal website for a long time;  I did not create that site so I did not understand the relationship between the person who “developed” my site and the company that kept it up on the internet.  The thought of working with a website was completely new to me.


I  learned what a blog is while I was searching the internet. I also found a hosting platform called  Wealthy Affiliate that supports “bloggers” building an affiliate marketing internet business.  That’s a sentence I wouldn’t have understood 3 months ago.  Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership which includes two free websites and 10 free  lessons about building a website and an internet business in affiliate marketing.  I decided I had nothing to lose by joining WA through a free membership.  Finally, I had found something interesting to do.

This site explains the WA program.

affilate marketing is something new.

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