Blog Posts Build the Wealthy Affiliate Experience

Blog Posts are Important

Expertise and experience is shared in the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) community through blog posts and trainings .


The Expertise of Thousands

Every website needs a platform to “host” the site.  Wealthy Affiliates (WA) is a hosting platform.  The name refers to “affiliate marketing” or pointing readers to products and services related to site content.

WA teaches affiliate marketing.  The expertise of experienced internet entrepreneurs provides suggestions and instructions on everything from adding videos to websites to internet marketing, through blog posts.

Sharing Expertise through Blog Posts

I have no experience in affiliate marketing.  I have no expertise in developing a website.  I have been able to share helpful information through blog posts.  I have shared my writing experience, thoughts on time management and organizing emails.  Your blog posts will be important for the WA community.

What do you have to share?


thinkingSeveral Sites

WA helped me create sites discussing  subjects important to me.  This site on building an online income.

I have a site on fishing, a major passion in my life.  (Information does not need to be deep or serious.)

I am putting together sites on a medical issue, senior citizenship and  theology.

Interest and Opinion

Your interests and opinions are interesting to others.  Website content can be deep, funny, frightening, technical or absurd.  Someone will be interested in what you have to say.

How Does this Happen?

Tools and Support

WA provides all of this.  The tools and support at WA change inexperience into expertise.  Tools include:


  1. Word Presscaveman-tools
  2. Instruction on creating content
  3. Live online instruction sessions
  4. Social media access
  5. Keyword Analysis
  6. Live Chat
  7. Private Messaging
  8. A Referral System
  9. WA Rankings
  10. Website Management
  11. WA Blogging

Teach, Inform and Entertain

Your websites will teach, inform or entertain evolving with new information … new ideas.  You will enjoy sharing information on your site and  reading what others have written.

Share Your Thoughts

Take a moment to write a comment.  Let everyone know what you think about financial growth. How do your pursue your goals? What would you like to share with the world?  If you set up a website, what subject would be your focus?  How would you see yourself turning that subject into an internet business?

Take the time to see how WA can help you pursue your dreams.

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