Skeptical about the Internet, Anyone?

 Are You Skeptical about the Internet?


The internet is an amazing tool.  I am skeptical about information I find there.   I spent more hours searching for books in the library, in school, than I did in class.  I would get to the right library shelf place and find that the book was already checked out.

Research used to be tedious and difficult.

Information on anything is available, on the internet,  with just a few key strokes.  But, what can you believe?

Can You Believe What You Read?

skeptic         I am skeptical about what I find on the internet.  An offer about fast money turns me off faster than a mouse click.  When someone tells me to check out this site or that video,  I usually offer a non-committed, “I’ll look at it.”  I usually don’t.

When I to  look at  Wealthy Affiliate (WA), I had the same response.  But because developing a website was completely new to me, I decided to check it out.  Why not check out a free program about earning money online?

my computerFree Websites and Instruction

I had nothing to loose by checking out two free websites and a course on developing those sites  . No one would have my credit card.

As an internet skeptic, I tend to expect information to be inaccurate or deceptive.  Claims are exaggerated.  This is what I anticipated with WA.

I began the “Starter Membership taking all the lessons.  To my surprise, I  built a website. … for free.   Finding my site, was exciting.   I was open for business.

I am not Skeptical about WA



As a skeptic, I have found that WA  to be legitimate offering a free membership that leads to an internet business.  There is great support from thousands of participants and continuing guidance from experienced people.

 Changing My Skepticism to Action

I built a website on fishing which is fun.  Then I developed this site which is more practical.  I have plans for two other sites.

Sometimes there is no one more obnoxious that a converted skeptic.  I don’t want to be obnoxious, but I am a converted WA skeptic.    Take a look.  Give it a try.

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